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One summer morning at 11am, having the day free from any distractions I decided to take an unusually strong trip.

One summer morning at 11am, having the day free from any distractions I decided to take an unusually strong trip. I consumed 1/3 cup of powdered p.cubensis. I then proceeded to take a shower while awaiting the onset of the effects. A mild sense of drunkeness and silliness began to overta ke me in the shower causing me to break into a very loud nonsense song which I found horribly funny. I then got out of the shower put on some pants and went downstairs into my living ro om where i noticed the walls had started to move. The walls had a peculiar rippling, wave like effect that was most enjoyable to watch. I then tried to see what time it was but had intense trouble understanding the clock. Finaly I decided that an hour and a half had passed and was amazed at its rapidness. Walking into the bathroom I gazed at the floor and became transfixed by an infinitely complex pattern that seemed to be flowing underneath the tile of the floor.

It was like looking at something under the ice of a pond. I then ventured outside and lay around on my deck for about an hour (though it seemed much less). I remember thinking that I had become some sort of god and that I could have whatever I wanted If I were only to will it to happen. if I thought it was true, then it was true. Upon walking on the cement pathway adjacent to the deck i felt the wonderful sensation that every time I set my foot down it would melt into the cement, like stepping into mud. I then went inside and proceeded to roll onto the floor and into objects all the while feeling I was melting into them; becoming a part of them. Petting my dog was amazing! i felt like i melted into him too. By this time I was so o ut of it that i didn't even know that the outside world existed, my universe was me, my dog, and this dog bone i kept seeing everywhere. I swear that someone could have been in the room with me and I wouldn't have known it. By this time it must have been about 4pm and i was still going strong, but exhausted. I spent the next few hours fascinated with minute things, esp ecially burning candles. Wax is most heavenly. The entire trip lasted 7 hours, a good 5 of those where spent at peak stage. This much longer than normal. After I got some "sense" back and things began to settle down I took a nice long nap. That trip will last me a couple of months at least.

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