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it was wednesday night, and me and my homies had just bought an oz of shrooms to take on friday, but i had no patience and i wanted to take some right away. i ate 3 stems and after 20 minutes i felt almost nothing, so about 2 hours later i was like, "gimme an eighth", so they did, and i ate all of it. i was at my friend anjews pad, but he took me home right before i started to trip. when i got home i jumped in the shower, and i slowly started to see shit, i looked at my shower door and it started to bleed, it started to bleed in millions of different colors and it was waving. the sound of the cars driving by my house sounded like a demon breathing and laughing, i loved it, i couldnt take thats smile off my face. it was tough to get out of the shower, it took me a good 15 minutes to walk out of there and when i did, i saw the mirror. i saw my face melting and dripping, my pupils were dilating every second, from HUGE, to small. after i finally got out of there, i made it to my room and started listening to some music, my couch in my room was breathing, i could hear it, it had teeth, the poster of bob marley on my wall talked to me, he told me to get up stand up, so did, his face was changing from blue to purple to green. i looked down at my carpet and it was swirling everytime i moved my feet. then i went to say goodnight to my ma, talked to her for a while and wathced the simpsons with her, i was laughing at the stupidest shit, i felt like i was melting everytime i put my fingers on my face, then i got out of my moms room and ran to the bathroom. i immediatley puked my guts out, it was one of the most painful experiences of my life, i looked in the mirror after, my face more red than a cherry, my eyes were buldging out of their sockets and bloodshot. right after i was done puking, i was completely sober. and guess what, its friday, and im gonna shroom again today! :)

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