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It was summertime and I was 13 years old, It was a time to get wild and bond with friends through endless summer days.

It was summertime and I was 13 years old, It was a time to get wild and bond with friends through endless summer days.For i and my friends it would be the last summer of our childhood.
I had scored 2 grams for $25 from this older guy i used to hang around with. I went over to my good friend Taco's house where i ate them. We left for our other friend Davids house. I felt the first twinges of something different on the ride up. Tacos dad knew what i had done and did a perfect Chong impersonation. He managed to surprize me even though i had seen that movie a thousand times.
We were to meet David at the seven eleven. It was there that Taco called up the dealer and had him deliver him a gram a few minutes later. He ate them as i started to feel a warm tingly sensation move up and down my spine through my whole body.
We took atvantage of the sample slurpees, and I believe that was the most heavenly thing i have ever tasted. I had to buy one. When i got to the counter, the atendent called me on the fact that i had gotten the wrong cup and it was about three times to big. Woops.
We met david at the gas station down the road. I began to feel really good and giggly. We had his sister pick us up and drive us to his house.
It was there when we sat on his bed in his room that i noticed the first visual distrubance. He had a bright blue bedframe rapped in a spiral of black tape, and the blue stripes were heavily contrasted.
A kid we used to hang out with from down the block named Fat Kyle came over. We hung out with this dude cuz he was the goofiest motherfucker ever, especially when he got high. He helped himself to what looked like about an entire box of serial in a giant bole. The way he ate was fuckin hilarious.
No milk, he'd just grab a handful and stuff it. YumUmmmUmmm!MMMM! YummmmUmmummmumm! Me and david were crackin up on him.
He offered me sum then when i went to grab it he snatched it back.
This dude was really trippin me out. He looked kinda like an overwate buda. David turned his stereo way up and we just jammed out. At this point things were startin to get pretty heavy and i was abit nervous not knowing what to expect. Taco was just shrunk down in the corner looking kina freaked out.
Soon after we went outside to wait for a couple of older dudes to pick us up with the entent to take a road and smoke a blunt. When they showed up They made I and Taco get in the back since David had the bud he got to ride in the front of the truck. They even made us lay down so as not to get pulled over.
The ride began. We were alittle pissed at having to lay down. And were quickly under the suspicion that they were somehow fucking with us, cuz every time we looked up the were looking back and lauphing.
We adventually relaxed and layed back to enjoy the buetiful day. The truck was a glowing red, the sun shinin through a bright blue sky, Doted with Giant blobs of mashed potato clouds. The best kind to see things in. This was the best part. everything was so buitiful and radiant. Right than i didn't want to be anywher else in the world other than the back of that truck. Everything felt RIGHT. We drove for what seemed like hours. I looked over at Taco and I knew by the look on his face that he was Way out there too.
All of a sudden we were skidding around in circles. We sat up. They were fucking with us doing donuts out in this country field. We finnaly had found the place. We hopped out and looked around. It was way out in the middle of nowher. Big piles of rocks everywhere.
Taco wandered off, and a few minutes later was yelling. Pumpkins! Pumkins! we all lauphed at him. He must be fucked up. He comes out from behind a pile of rocks holding a big orange pumkine!!! Holy shit. We went behind the rocks and found a patch of Giant 1-2foot pumpkins growing out of some rocks in the middle of a 95 degree summer. Wierdest thing i'v ever seen in my life.
We role and smoke a fat blunt. It hardly fazes me in my current state. The older dude trys to fuck with me. He pulls and knife and says hes going to kill me. I ignore the bastard. In a year or to he and the other guy will be in prison, but they don't know it yet.
They drop us off at Davids. Evening is upon us and we spend our come down in the park, playing with the gravel making "miny ramps" for imaginary dirt bikes. The trip had lasted us both about 7 hours

That was one of the best days of my life. My first and funnest mushroom trip. Later that summer i got a Tatoo of a mushroom on my shoulder to remind me forever.

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