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Me and the Gals

Shroomies with the gals.

Shroomies with the gals..i was stoked. It had been almost one full year since the 3 of us shroomed together. Timber had to work till 7 so Summer and I held back the temptation of gobbling up the bag. So 7 rolled along and we split the 9 gram bag into 3 unequal parts. Timber eating about 2grams..and summer and I consuming 3.5 each.(Hey, we paid more) so we ate em up with nothing but water and sat around thinking about it too much.. we busted out some music and some party favors summer and I had gotten to kill time...which included: 1. A butterfly coloring book with 48ct crayons 2. A large bottle of buBBles 3. Glitter 4. And lotsa music...specially TMBG so we all started talking..i pack a bowl.. and summer’s kicks in.. she says her stomach hurts.. timber is just “feelin’ funny” and I’m not feeling a damn thing. Then the thing that tells me I am, indeed tripping...the fidgiting of my hands. ( I tend to feel and squeeze my hands when I begin to trip..i dunno why, I just think it feels weird) so then I am happy to know I am tripping. Summer gets up and pukes in the sink..gross. hehe. Well, timber and I decide to go outside and smoke a cigarette. We tell summer we’ll be outside.. she comes out a few minutes later claiming to feel better and is still, thankfully, tripping. We go inside, turn off all the lights and light a lot of candles.. the lava lamp is beginning to warm and move around. Timber runs to the bathroom and begins to fill the tub.. she pours in a bottle of bubblebath and summer is the first to jump in.. I hesitate..not knowing if i’m supposed to strip down, or stay in my undies.. since I had no bra on..and the other 2 were in their panties and bras..i left my undies on. I got in the overflowed tub and looked over at summer who looked dead..she was lying there in the water with her eyes closed.. timber was giddy and so was I.. I picked up the camera and started taking pictures of her..the she took one of summer and I (* ask to see the pics in the chat). Then I started getting cold cuz timber thought the plug looked cool and pulled it from the drain. Summer got into timber’s bed wet and all, and curled up with the blankets..i got dressed and ran to the living room to hit the pipe. Timber and I decided it was time to explore outside. I grabbed my cigs and out we went...i usually can’t smoke when i’m trippin, but this night I was chainsmoking cigs and pot. We saw nothing interesting....i didn’t really get much on the visual side.. I got paranoid. Inside I stared into one of timber’s dali paintings..getting lost in the depth and oddities enclosed. Summer finally got up realizing she was wasting time.. we looked at my watch every 5 minutes watching time tick on slowly one minute,,then next-> racing off without warning. Time was a big deal..we didn’t want to come down.. anything anyone said..i would simply reply with-”it’s oK”..and continued to color pictures of butterlies and multicolored grass. It looked very pretty. Summer was scribbling like a 3rd grader but it made so much sense. Timber was just smiling or laughing at everything. We started to battle sobriety.. threatening to call for more shrooms and pot..my pipe cashed out and summer brutally scraped it. I wonder if I got anything out of this trip..i think just a good time with a couple of good friends.. our trip had ended after 4 hours and we went to bed content.

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