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Mardi Grass Madness 2004

After experiencing the world of mushrooms at last years Mardi Grass Festival I was keen to repeat the adventure, in a slightly smaller dose and with much better setting.

After experiencing the world of mushrooms at last years Mardi Grass Festival I was keen to repeat the adventure, in a slightly smaller dose and with much better setting. My girlfriend and I once again made the pilgrimage to the festival this year and rather than sleeping in a car for the weekend, we made a week of it and camped at a nearby farm for 4 days prior to the event. We spent the week sampling various marijuana strains, drinking beer and indulging in as much food as possible. When Friday (the first day of the festival) arrived six friends joined us for the next three days.

That night inquiries were made at a reliable outlet and I managed to obtain 3.5 grams of Golden Teachers. Five strains were available:- Philosophers Stone, a Mexican strain, Tasmanians, good ol’ Gold Caps, and Golden Teachers, which he recommended to me. He told me of two others who were extremely happy with the Golden Teachers, they had purchased just 1.5 grams between them, the female taking only half a gram and the male dosing the rest, both getting decent effects. I was informed the high was quite up and euphoric, with minimal nausea. He recommended that I split the bag three ways, even four ways at a stretch. It came as a fine white powder and had the usual mushroom smell. Whilst I was leaving he told to return the next day to report on their quality. “Sure thing”, I said with a gleam in my eyes. Seeing as though I made the purchase quite late that night, it was decided that we would consume the bag the following night….

Saturday was a beautiful day, we basked in the sunlight all day, getting high, playing cards, generally doing anything that required minimal effort. Two of my mates attempted to obtain some fungi in the afternoon but for some reason unbeknown to me they were rejected when asking for the Golden Teachers and were offered Philosophers Stone instead, which was reputed as having a very introspective high. They declined and on their return I decided that we should just split my bag four ways as I was planning on getting more later that night. They agreed and I divided the contents of the bag, giving my girlfriend slightly less. I pushed the piles into separate coffee cups and boiled some water, added it to the cups with a touch of sugar, tea and some milk, and gulped it down fast.

Time:- Ingested at around 3:30pm – 4:00pm

Setting:- Pretty good, some rednecks around who didn’t really come with the true spirit of the festival, but the majority of people in the campsite are pretty normal. About 200 – 300 people were camping there. We had a nice campsite set up and there was no need for us to leave.

The effects came on fast, not strong, but I could notice the effects of the psilocybin by the time I was taking my last mouthful of the tea. I thought it might be a case of the placebo effect but surely enough I looked at my girlfriend and the look in her eyes told me that she too was beginning to lift off. She noted that she had trouble talking and I found this too. It felt as though something was surging up inside of me pushing the air out when I went to talk and at the same time pings of energy felt as though they were moving through my limbs. I lifted myself out of my chair and ventured up a small hill to relieve myself at the toilets. As I walked my body began to feel slightly disconnected. The way my arms moved and my legs shuffled just seemed so strange, but no matter how hard I tried I could not get them to move in a fashion that I though was normal. I returned to my seat and packed myself a few cones which were becoming increasingly hard to pull. Looking down into the cone piece my vision was blurry/hazy and the bright red cherry looked amazing when it shot down the small hole. It was dusk and from our campsite we had a spectacular view of Mt. Warning, backed by a brilliant turquoise sky. The crest of the mountain seemed to be glowing and when I closed my eyes I could see the outline.

Night began to creep in, and fires began to pop up, their flames licking skyward, casting shadows every where, adding to the light display that was beginning in my mind. Cars were constantly coming into the property as people arrived to set up camp, and as they cruised past tracers drifted off their taillights and the red glow of their brake lights were absolutely brilliant. I was really enjoying these visuals/sensations as I wasn’t having any contradicting or looping thoughts, and I was looking forward to the trip shifting into a higher level, but it just seemed to plateau. The tracers persisted, some CEVs occurred and when looking into the distance I sometimes saw rainbows of colour but they restricted themselves to my periphery vision.

I was pleased with the level I had reached, but when I came down it was around 8:30pm and I still felt as though the night was young. My girlfriend and my two mates had also enjoyed the night but were keen to extend the expansion of our minds. Without ado we trekked up the road and I purchased six grams of G.T’s. Returning, we split it 4 ways again, consuming it in the same fashion as before. This time I could not handle the entire concoction and I saved a tiny amount for later. This was at around 9:30pm. I didn’t feel the same onset as the first dose, rather it was when I was walking back from being in a rather uncomfortable situation near the toilets (me unknowingly grinning stupidly at a bunch of drunk strangers who look like they eat people like me for brekkie) that my vision just kind of went 2D. It was as though there were different translucent canvases in front of me each one containing different objects in my vision. It was very cartoon like, with large blips appearing across my vision. It reminded me of an old movie that has heaps of crap on the film. At the same time a rush of energy surged throughout my body and for a split second I felt kind of lonely/down, but the feeling went as quickly as it came. That kinda spun me out because it was so sudden, and it brought on a case of the extreme shivers which made me feel really uncomfortable and a little restless, even after I warmed up. Two mates soon smoked a cone of 5x Salvia extract at pretty much the peak of their second trip, which seemed to catapult both of them into hyperspace. As one of my mates came out of it he mumbled about seeing people walking around our chairs but no one had moved and his eyes were closed for the majority of the experience. The other psilonaut felt that he was trapped in a tunnel for nearly two hours after smoking the extract and nearly threw himself out of his chair with laughter. It was difficult to draw his attention for a long time but he seemed relatively happy to explore the outer reaches of his mind. He later commented that he was experiencing moments of eternity, where he could hear us talking and he would comment but by the time he had commented we were already two or three topics ahead of his train of thought. I can’t say that I actually ever heard him say a word.

My visuals progressively became stronger, plenty of CEVs and OEVs. Nothing really extreme but my vision had plenty of distortions. When urinating at one point, steam curled up from the ground profusely and it was enthralling to watch. My g/f commented that she was seeing cactus when she closed her eyes and had a general feeling that she was in Mexico. After a while I began to feel really drowsy and I really wanted to go to bed. Upon closing my eyes though I was treated to a light show all of my own. The 2D patterns responded to pumping doof music at a dance party a few hundred metres down the road and also to the variety of personal stereos in the camping grounds that were blaring all night. The designs reminded me largely of That 70’s Show’s intervals with the pools of psychedelic colours, and a few helix type shapes that were formed up of different coloured strands. Sleep eluded me for yet another few hours as I watched the images, and it actually got annoying after a while because my body was so ready for bed, but my mind was still racing. I woke feeling quite tired but generally pretty good. I had a great time at the festival and can’t wait to try a decent dose of the Tasmanians I purchased before I left town.

Take it easy and safe shrooming!

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