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Many Months Of Waiting

This was my first time tripping on shrooms so i had no idea what to expect.

This was my first time tripping on shrooms so i had no idea what to expect. I did quite alot of researching on various websites but didnt know what to expect still. I brought a friend along to acompany on my journey.

Steve and I were sitting at my computer for a few hours waiting for my mother to go to bed. We were just discussing what we thought the trip would be like but we had no idea! When my mom went to bed we took out the shrooms and devoured them. After we ate our, i would say, 1.5 grams of shrooms each.

We put on some Shpongle (FUCKIN AWESOME TRIPPIN MUSIC) and waited for the shrooms to kick in. We waited about 1 hour for them hit us. They came on slow but boy did it hit us hard. We decided to go up in my room and grab 2 cigars. When we got to my room i was trippin off my ass! It looked as if my door was about to fall off and hit Steve in the head.

We got back to my computer and decided to lay on my floor. Steve had a flash light with a green light that would flash. We started to take turns spinning the light around and making it look all funky.

After about an hour of that we decided to go for walk. We started to smoke our cigars and we felt like mob bosses. When we were taking our walk we heard a noise come from my neighbors yard. I started to freak out! We stopped at a stream and watched the water flow all trippily. It was totally awesome.

We decided to sit down in the middle of the road but only cuz it was 2 in the morning.we sat there and talked and smoked our cigars. When we started to head back i threw my cigar down on the street and the ashes seemed as though they had magically engulfed in flames, not like a little fire but one that would catch us on fire.

And then all i remember is suddenly being back in my house listeningg to Brain Damage by Pink Floyd (the greatest band ever!. Brain Damage isnt dark side of the moon, there is no song dark side of the moon, its called brain damage)

But to sum it all up my first trip is one that i would never forget.

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