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Love and David Lynch


Okay. I am finally coherent enough to collect my thoughts and recollect this very STRAAAAANGE evening. This night, my husband and I each took about 2 grams of dried P. Cubencis (Spelling?) at around 6:00 PM. This is our first trip together...actually our first trip period. We were kind of tired today, both having the day off work, sleeping in 'till noon...etc. So for the first hour and 45 minutes, we just thought nothing was going to happen. We dosed on pulvorized cubencis in capsuls. Perhaps that is why it took so long to start feeling effects. Then, at about 8:00, I noticed I was feeling rather tingly and my husband turned to me and said "Ooo. I think something is happening". We were both concious of an echo in the room. I stood up and felt lighter than anything, as if my spine was decompressing as I breathed. We both started laughing un controllably. it felt REALLLYY good to laugh so hard. I laughed so hard my eyes were weeping like crazy. At about 8:30, the sun was setting through our apartment and showered unbelievable colors on the wall and on everything. I looked accross the kitchen and saw something like an alien's head through our omega juicer: YOu know, the face everyone thinks of as alien, like a human, only wierd...as if we could actually sense astral bodies on the concrete mental plane! But of course, anything is possible when you open the door to the shroom cascades. Totally amazing, and totally disconnected. My husband and I looked at eachother, not knowing eachother at all, yet totally familiar with eachother. It was the indescribable feeling of our first date mulitiplied by fifty thousand. We were both totally overwhelmed with the power of love shouting in the room. I mean, LOVE! Not sex, not lust, just pure love. It is now 12:15 AM and I am just now able to write and think from my mental self. The past 4 hours have only been emotional and spiritual. No doubt, this lifts and opens your body to new spiritual planes. No wonder people find it scary. I can see how taking too much would knowck you off your rocker. But for any other first timers, I strongly reccomend taking them intimately with someone you really care about. Nothing is more magnified than the power of love. Oh yes, I should also mention that the addition of Cannibus Sativa to the trip about two hours into it really gives a lovely effect. It only enhances it and makes your thoughts more disconnected. Yet it also opens youar creativity. Strange. I would not want to be far from home. Traveling/ driving a car while in this state is not the best idea I think. David Lynch has clearly ingested many a shroom. This is where Lost Highway comes from. I keep thinking, if this is a level two or even three, a level 5 trip must be from another galaxy.

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