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Lord of the Flies

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Well after weeks of waiting my friends and I finally got some shrooms from this guy at school. There were about 5 of us and we couldent find anywhere to shroom that weekend. So one of my friends(lets call him J) brother told us of this hut down this big cliff that is by all these tidepools next to the ocean and stuff. So on saturday we make the 20 minute drive to this hut. The trail is hella hard to walk down and I really start to dread the walk back up. So anyways, at about 9:00 AM sharp we start to eat our mussies. J had brought down some sunny delight that we ate with our mushrooms. They tasted soo gross to me but I ate the whole 8th. So we all were just sitting there waiting and everyone is getting that anxious feeling. Well my stomach really starts to hurt in about 10 minutes prior to eating my shrooms. About 10 after that, I get really dizzy and things start to look weird and my stomach is still killing me. I try my hardest not to puke but I cant help it so I start barfing everywhere. After I stoped barfing I felt super high and I couldent stop yawning. I lied down on the ground and looked at the plants and really thought they were the most beautiful thing i’d ever seen. My friends thought it’d be fun to look at the tidepools so we all took of our shirts and found big long sticks. I really felt like I was in the movie lord of the flies as I looked at how we looked. Then one of my friends just got completly nude and just looked out at the ocean. It was probly the funniest shit id ever seen. I then came upon a very large number of sea urchines which gave me a bad trip so I got my stick and killed about 20 of them. That felt really good. I was in the tidepools for about 3 hours just looking at all the nature and how crazy life was down there. I noticed a lot of symbolism and it just really triped me out. Afterwards we had to walk up the big mountain which gave me a horrible trip but I made it up. It was a great experience and I cant wait to do it again.

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