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Lonely Beach

Me and few friends, actually 7 were at the beach around 7.

Me and few friends, actually 7 were at the beach around 7. We had all taken various amounts of mushshrooms. We all arrived and collected at the point where you feel like something is going to happen, but don't know when it will happen.

As the day went along people came and left. The beach was infected with ecoli* so it was closed off, so we of course took that as an opportunity to smoke some bowls. This was around the time it started to hit me. I was lit the bowl and started inhaling, but I was infactuated with the flame, and completely forgot about smoking the bowl. I just kept inhaling on the pipe to watch the flame move, and it seemed like atleast 10 minutes, but actually being atleast a minute. I was shocked at how much smoke came out of me, because I usually don't take such a large hit.

My friends were split up around the beach. Two were sitting by the lake showing empathy for the two people who were crying in the clouds. At the time I saw it too, they were a couple, one laying down sad, and a female figure laying beside it. I was said, "fuck them." But it seemed so normal for it to be there. Two other friends were discussing life, as people usually do on shrooms. I was wondering around, with my eyes half open, feeling the full effect of the shrooms.

To keep things short I will quickly point out the highlights of the trip. I saw space with intense imagination and amazement. I fell out of a tree that was over 15 feet high. My friend was climbing it and he couldn't explain why he was climbing it, so I said I can climb it. I grabbed the tree and acted, rather became a sloth and slowly followed my friend up. Near the top he was shaken and fell off a branch. I screamed and just let go. I fell down 15 feet in front of my two other friends, and I was completely alright. They were amazed, but I didn't think anything of it. Many other minute details happened, but I am glad some shroom-minded plans didn't happen. For example we were stealing a canoe from a local rent a canoe, but the padels were inside, so if we continued with stealing it we would have been set a drift on diseased waters floating about. Not good.

I am grabbing shrooms tomorrow, so I felt like explaining my last trip. If trip is good tomorrow I will describe here.

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