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Lollipop Land

This was the first time i had ever done shrooms.

This was the first time i had ever done shrooms. i didnt know what to expect but i was really excited about it. i was at my boyfriends house and i ate about 6 mushrooms and he had about the same. we put them on pizza so we couldnt taste them. (my boyfreind has done them many times) i ate the whole pizza making sure i chewed them up good. almost right away i started feeling a little light headed. we went outside and started smoking pot and the trip started to come in. as i was looking at my boyfriend everything started to get blurry except for wht i was directly looking at. it was such a nice day out and it felt so relaxing looking at the trees outside and watching the leaves blow. we went back inside and sat down and started watching some tv. my boyfriend started getting really horny and took his dick out and it looked like a snake. i was tripping harder then him and he didnt understand why i was so scared of it. and i just remember thinking it was going to bite me. after i got over "the snake" we went upstairs for a little bit and looked at posters in the blacklite. when we came back downstairs his mom had these little figures on the fire place. asi was looking at them i had this feeling inside me liek they all wanted to talk to me and tell me their story. then i looked up and saw a picture on the wall of an ocean and a beach and i felt liek i was at the beach and the water was moving in the picture. i cant remember how much time had gone by but we finally made it outsdie and went on a walk. all the houses in his neighborhood were real close to the street tall and colorful. as i was tripping they looked even more colorful. i felt like i was in a sort of lollipop land where everything was happy and colorful. and things looked liek candy but they werent. we finally made it to the railroadtracks and we walked on them back into the woods. all te bushes started to get faces. the best way i can describe it is if you think of when people cut bushes into characters. well all the bushes looked like chuby little creatures smiling back at me. and some bushes looked like monsters. as i was stting on the tracks in the woods i just felt so great and happy. i was starting to come down off the trip as we walked back becuase it was starting to thunder and it was gonig ot rain. when we got back to the house i was playing with insence and making shapes with the smoke andthe shapes i was making with the smoke looked so 3d and trippy. as i was coming down my muscles started to feel weak. i just layed there on his bed thinking about everything. soon enough i was back to reality. i went home and thought about everything that happened. i cant wait ot do it again. my first experience was definitly a good one...not to little and not to much. next time i definitly want ot do more and have a more intense trip.

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