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Little Kid

The last Sat.

The last Sat. in May, a friend and I got about 6 gm, via two chocolate suckers. At 9:05pm, X and I ingested 3 each, and proceeded to cook some homemade stir fry.
20 minutes in, X and I notice a strong change in the temperature (we were cooking alive!), so X went to lay down.
I continued cooking, then sat down about 15 minutes later to eat. X and I picked Loony Toons back in action as our tour guide (excellent choice). as the opening credits kicked off, my walls turned bluish green, and expanded so as to house a small Vietnamese village! I don't know what was up with X, but she was feeling queasy (I was enjoying the mood too much to notice nausea). Elation overcame me in a rush, as if I were 6 yrs old again. Terrified of the kitchen for some reason. TV grew to mammoth propotions. Carpet turned into a desert (I was convinced the world was made of the carpeting material in my apt.). I saw a 3d mountain range in my sink. Couldn't stop talking to "the other," A presence in my head. It told me everything would be okay. Manic chattering and insistence of a sun inside my soul. Everything was beautiful, romantic, strangely poetic.
Next time I'm gonna shoot for the 6-9gm range.
Bon Voyage! Pepe

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