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Lites & Hollowness

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Here it is:

Around 8 o clock my friend frank called me and told me had come across some completly blue shrooms! so i came over as fast as possilbe and saw that he had put them on 2 slices of pizza... there was at least 1.5 grams on each slice. we consumed them lil after 8 watchin t.v. waiting for it to kick in, and then around 8:45 i stared to feel the normal feelin u usually get of them, then as the time progressed i started to feel light as a feather and felt hollow! i started to get really involed in music, he was playin techno, were in his room during this time. the strobe lights and the black lights and posters on the wall started to get really involved in my trip!!!the posters on the wall looked like i could walk right into them the closer i got to them it was very odd...i looked in the strobe light with my eyes closed and got great visuals, very detailed lke strange pictures of colorful characters and shapes.. fully into it we had went in his kitchen and looked in his living room sitting on the floor in his kitchen, his living room inside was covered in lit up christmas decorations, it all looked bright, and even his kithen looked puprle, like it was covered in purple paint!
We then had the craving for a ciggie, we went on the front porch where there was a bunch of lit up christmas lights and started to smoke the lights on the porch just made my trip soo good like its unexplainable! the cigarete in my hand felt like it was a extremely light breakable stick, and when i smoked it, it felt like i was inhaling smoke in a hollow body, and the smoke felt real light,like i wasnt really smokin one....after that we walked to our local gas station and got some hot chocolate, the gas station is lit up like fort knox! i went in an everything was light and bright and i felt hollow walkin back and forth to get the drink and the cap...that was one of my fav parts.!!! we then walked home, it was around 11 and we were commin down, so we then just watched t.v then went to sleep. oh yeah were gonna do it again!!!!

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