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Lisa Simpson

I'd done shrooms twice before but nothing i'd done previously could prepare me for what happened.

I'd done shrooms twice before but nothing i'd done previously could prepare me for what happened. Im not a hardened drug taker, I mean I smoke a lot of pot and stuff but nothing else other than shrooms. Anyway it was a saturday night, I had been to my aunties 40th birthday party and I arrived home well up for getting wasted. My mum was away for the week and i'd invited some mates around for a cane and some shrooms. Every one arrived and there were more people than I had thought would come. There was this freaky girl who really spun me out later.
So we boiled the shrooms and dropped them. We must have had about 70-80 each. It was the same as i'd done before but these were from london and my mate who sent them said they were spinning out big time up there.
About half an hour passed and I was waiting for the hit. I was draining coke by the can and beginning to sweat. I suppose the reason it was a bad trip was my state of mind, I was really aprehensive about my house getting fucked or the neighbours phoning the police. I suddenly felt really sick. It was more of a really nervous type of sick. It was like I had butterflies in my stomach but my mind convinced me that I felt really ill. I ran upstairs and threw up all over the toilet. I looked at my produce and saw the little brown cunts floating around. They were not real but spew looked just like the shrooms distorted in water. I went into my room on my own and this is when I really started to fuck up. I had the usual shit like having to be moving and doing something. I put some Pearl Jam on to give me some comfort and reassurance. I had thought that i had thrown up the mushies and that I would be ok but I was far from ok. My mate and the girl came up to my room to see if I was ok. My mate was really good and was comforting me but this girl was really pissing me off and I threw up again. After I had thrown up again I was back in my room fully spinning out. I had a constant fear that the police were coming. I would go through 10 second stages of feeling fucking brilliant and then someone downstairs would make a noise and I would go paranoid again. I turned the heating on and up and sat in my bed by the radiator for what felt like an hour but turned out to be five minutes. I turned on my TV to concentrate on something and watched all five programmes knowing what was going to happen it was so wierd. I was thinking all the time that the trip would be over soon and I could relax. I then started to hallucinate. I had 3d images with insane colours when I shut my eyes and messed up all the posters and images on my wall. They were all melting into the wall and sliping down it. I ve got a poster of Lisa simpson with devil eyes on my wall and I looked at it for like 5 minutes. I'd then turn away and I could still see her in my eyes. She then jumped off the wall and started eating my face. She was stabbing me with her devil teeth and cackling. I shut my eyes and it worked for a minute but then she would seep through my closed eyelids and eat my face from the inside. It was fucking scary. I wanted to just act normal but couldnt- that was the most scary thing. I couldnt control what i was doing but knew that I was doing it. I chnged the CD so it played a favourite song on repeat and it would work for a while. Everyone was coming into my room after this and though they seemed to be making fuck loads of noise it seemed to calm me down them being there. As it happens they werent making any noise but if one of them even spoke i would sshhhh them. It was like I was the noise master having to keep the noise down. When it was just me and three mates without the stupid loud bitch it started to become perfect. We were just chaining cigarettes and doobs and just chilling out. After I had stopped spinning and began to come down it was the best night of my life. Eveyone was so loved up and happy. The noise was probably louder but as soon as I was coming down then I just didnt care. It was so peaceful and in harmony. everyone was chilled and just smoking pot.

I havent done them since and not sure whether I ever will. With the aprehension and responsibilities with doing them in my house I was already on a downer before i dropped them.

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