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Pictures of yucky, nasty contamination.


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  • 1st cake

  • again the same batch
    again some light tan color spots in jars...some condensation in jars could this be a byproduct of this? are these contaminated?

  • 1st batch
    • 5.00

    new to this...some very light tan colors in jars...contaminated?

  • oldimages/18060/18478.jpg
    • 5.00

    Various known contaminants on an agar plate

  • Untitled
    close up of the contam dont let this happen to u by mskip23

  • oldimages/18060/24170.jpg
    • 4.00

    njnnob Web Mold On South African Casing Don't Let This Happen To You

  • oldimages/18060/18492.jpg
    This is a little mazatapec casing affected by mold. We can see the white area near the lower-right corner... in matter of days tourned green and... good bye lovely kids!!! The infection came from the lower layer: perlite and vermiculite misted with tap water :( . Created by: who?

  • Tell Me What This is Rott Or Mold?
    I just birthed 12 cakes and most of them look extremely wet and have these spots on them?

  • oldimages/18060/28739.jpg
    This is a closer view of the one I'm worried about. Thanks to any help I can get.

  • oldimages/3381/22479.jpg
    • 5.00

    A cake bluing due to contamination.

  • oldimages/18060/29293.jpg
    scary, could a cat have caused this? I don't know what kind of mushie this is, but am not about to touch it. how's about this for your mascot?

  • oldimages/18060/29235.jpg
    I have to enter a caption for this image of at least 40 characters.

  • oldimages/18060/29020.jpg
    is this contamination right??? saludos del fin del mundo....Chile

  • oldimages/18060/28823.jpg
    is this the mummy disease? some of the stems are torn and the tissue looks dry. saludos desde CHILE

  • oldimages/18060/28738.jpg
    This is my first batch and i think everything looks great exceptthe first shroom that started growing turned black within a few days of pinning(back left corner). The rest of them are looking good but I was hoping someone could let me know if this is ok.

  • oldimages/18060/28387.jpg
    Is this cobweb mold???? I'd really like to know... :-(

  • oldimages/18060/28284.jpg
    i dont know if the bluing is bruise or contam

  • oldimages/18060/28283.jpg
    I need some info are these okay, some bluing on one cake, some suspect other stuff on the other?

  • oldimages/18060/28207.jpg
    Not sure what kind of contamination this, from first grow

  • oldimages/18060/28033.jpg
    a contaminated cake that i tossed. bacterial? the line got very hard & no fuzzy myc grew above it

  • oldimages/18060/27894.jpg
    My first PF cake ever right after birthing. This brownish spot (the second of two similar spots) looks kind of suspect. Do any of you think it is contamination? Or do you think the mycelium is OK?

  • oldimages/18060/27893.jpg
    • 2.50

    My first PF cake ever right after birthing. This brownish spot looks kind of suspect. Do any of you think it is contamination? Or do you think the mycelium is OK?

  • oldimages/18060/27892.jpg
    My very first PF tek jar right before birthing. I'm guessing the yellowish hue in the middle of the mycelium is due to condensation (there was a fair amount inside the jar) rather than a contaminant. Does anyone think this is contaminated?

  • oldimages/18060/27641.jpg
    Green mold contamination on right side of casing.

  • oldimages/3381/27262.jpg
    another contam from the same batch by mskip23

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