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  • oldimages/3381/22677.JPG
    • 5.00

    Here are some GT on BRF cake. Created by: KoOS

  • oldimages/3381/22680.jpg
    Fruiting Fungi Created by: VTFungi

  • oldimages/3381/22681.jpg
    Fruiting Fungi with a hint of blacklight Created by: VTFungi

  • oldimages/3381/22679.jpg
    Deformed shroom Created by: Col_Sandoz

  • oldimages/3381/22685.jpg
    Two Shrooms Joined together Created by: bstrin5150

  • oldimages/3381/22684.jpg
    Using classic PF Tek with PF spores Created by: SteveO

  • oldimages/3381/22686.jpg
    A terarium of 10 pf cakes on perlite growing from pf substrate (second flush) Created by: bstrin5150

  • oldimages/3381/22687.jpg
    Growing Chamber. Perlite floor with air bubbler in H20/H2O2 water for O2 and RH increase. Created by: OnyxSkyDV

  • oldimages/3381/22688.jpg
    • 4.67

    Small P. Mexicanna's growing on cased Rye (I think) Created by: Biomage

  • oldimages/3381/22689.jpg
    • 5.00

    Second pic of P. Mexicanna growing on cased rye grain Created by: BioMage

  • oldimages/3381/22690.jpg
    These are my 2 terrariums. The top one has 4 cakes of EQ. The bottom has a pie tin casing of PES Hawiian and 3 sea of shrooms casings of the same. Created by: shroomsrgood

  • oldimages/3381/22694.jpg
    • 5.00

    3week old B+ from Ralphster Created by: Throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22695.jpg
    • 5.00

    1Month -5days..Ralphster gets the cresdit again these were just steam sterilzed...I come from the OLD days when we used pressure cokers, but all is working fine check out the 1 in. pinner (look close) Created by: Throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22696.jpg
    Now for the Ecudors from the Little spore Guy...and a FREE florida strain...these are 1 week old (youngsters) ) Created by: Throcknroll -I AM AN IDIOT-PENIS

  • oldimages/3381/22697.jpg
    • 5.00

    this shows the 8 innoculation spots, and are only a week old they came from the same place...with the letter from "Butterfly"...and doing nicely ) Created by: Throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22698.jpg
    • 1.00

    from the little guy..Ecudors at 2 wks..practically full permeatation. I did these low profile sterilite Micro dishes..and NUKED them for 10 minutes....2 larger Micro cantainers were innoculated yesterday with florida strain PICS WILL COME SHORTLY...PFK TEK & Microwave EM...EASY !!! ) Created by: Throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22699.jpg
    • 3.00

    B+ 1 month and 5 days with a 1 inch pinner startin on the side of the jar Created by: throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22702.jpg
    These are Equadorians. The monster grew to 8in x 1-1/2in stem. This is in a 10in cookie jar from wal-mart! It was pushing on the lid saying eat me! Created by: ignuF

  • oldimages/3381/22703.jpg
    This is the strain PESA! Solid meaty stems and potent! The (deep)blueing only takes 1-2 seconds after cutting!! Aquired from The Hawks Eye, this strain rocks!!!! Created by: ignuF

  • oldimages/3381/22705.JPG
    B+ Cookie monster in my closet! Created by: ignuf

  • oldimages/3381/22704.jpg
    This is my friend B+! Created by: ignuf

  • oldimages/3381/22706.JPG
    B+ cake, my first harvest of this strain! Created by: ignuf

  • oldimages/3381/22707.jpg
    2 micro containers approx 6"X6"X3 1/2 deep. Use the PF tek. Poke 5 holes..4 at cornersand one in the middle with a phillips screwdrive, Have no drill and I have done it with hot nail....Nuked for 10minutes with lid loose...Covered lids with Foil and waited to cool Created by: throckNroll

  • oldimages/3381/22708.jpg
    Fuzzy Pic with Bad lites...Innoculater approx 1 cc in corner and the turn the needle with out removin it, and shot aother 1 cc...did this at all 4 corners and gave the rest to the middle hole Created by: throckNroll

  • oldimages/3381/22658.JPG
    B+ caked that was contaminated. Then saved to produce little pinns. Created by: Mota#1

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