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  • oldimages/3381/22731.jpg
    • 5.00

    Somebody stole my B+! But I caught them :) Created by: ignuF

  • thanks everyone
    • 5.00

    My first grow and harvest

  • oldimages/3381/22730.jpg
    • 5.00

    After my ultrasonic humidifier broke I bought a cheap cool-mist humidifier. I'm very pleased with it because unlike the ultrasonic, I can leave it run all day. It constantly supplies fresh humid air and drops the temperature a few degrees. Created by: Scuttle

  • oldimages/3381/22732.jpg
    Cheap beer quality shrooms! Created by: ignuF

  • oldimages/3381/22728.jpg
    • 4.00

    This is my terrarium and incubator. The ultrasonic humidifier shown here burned up after a little over a week of operation. Created by: Scuttle

  • oldimages/3381/22727.jpg
    some really cute eqs. couldnt you just eat them:) they weigh out bout 7g Created by:

  • oldimages/3381/22726.jpg
    5th flush EQs, growing chronik tek. i needed the quarts for something else. so i made mini casings in the lids and used gallon ziplocks for a terrarium. i leave cracks in the zipper for air exchange and dunked before making into mini casings so moisture is balanced as well. just a weird lil thing i did Created by:

  • oldimages/3381/22725.JPG
    • 4.67

    This is my 42.0g Equidorian! It dried to 7g! Sweet and yummy! I liked the weight while it was wet too! Created by: ignuf

  • oldimages/3381/22724.jpg
    • 5.00

    almost permeated..sorry for FUZZY PICS they were shot with the webcam...Kodak coming soon !!!!! Created by: throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22723.jpg
    my FREE florida strain from the litle guy starting to fill the container Created by: throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22722.jpg
    Just about a 6 incher...same size as my Honer Bules Harp Created by: throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22720.jpg
    45grms wet Equadors Created by: throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22721.jpg
    • 5.00

    22grms wet cubies,fromthe poormans terrerium Created by: throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22716.jpg
    • 4.80

    Gawd, arent they beautiful! Whoa. Created by: Mr. Persistent

  • oldimages/3381/22715.jpg
    • 3.00

    Created by:

  • oldimages/3381/22714.jpg
    Mr. Persistent"> Created by: Mr. Persistent

  • oldimages/3381/22713.jpg
    • 4.00

    Multi pics - Mr. Persistent

  • oldimages/3381/22712.jpg
    Close-up shot of some of the 25 pinners in this tray Waitng to show OFF a havrvest....... Created by: throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22711.jpg
    Im Hopin for them to shoot up....It's been awhile , but I used to grow these in the qt jars 30 yrs ago...I like the Microwave TEK...and these Flat Trays Boogie...Fill up quick and star bustin shrooms in 3-4 weeks Created by: throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22710.jpg
    THIS tray just short of Birthing maybe early but i have shrooms coming up all over the places...This was innoculated on 6-23.....not even 4 wks..thanks Little Guy Created by: throcknroll

  • oldimages/3381/22709.jpg
    close up shot of 3 days mycleium growth from the FREE Florida strains I got from the the Little Guy....I can practicall tell in 1 day the spore growing into mycleia...3 days...its Jammin Man !!! I'll up date in a week and show the SPREAD...by then ..... Created by: throckNroll

  • oldimages/3381/25908.jpg
    • 5.00

    first try at cultivation. very happy with results.

  • oldimages/3381/22675.JPG
    Same cake bigger shrooms Created by: Mota#1

  • oldimages/3381/22676.jpg
    • 5.00

    Dunk Your Cakes! Created by baraka.

  • oldimages/3381/22678.jpg
    PF style cakes fruiting Created by: Col_Sandoz

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