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  • First dub
    cashmoney first grow

  • Contaminated Psilocybe Cubensis +B?
    This is my second time with what I think is contamination. Not 100% though, I started over the 1st time I saw this but now that it has happened again I am a little upset and not sure why this keeps happening. The only thing I am doing different from before when I was getting pure white colonisation is putting a blanket over the tub that the jars are in because of the weather in my area, Could that be it or is this fine?

  • Ovoid

  • Ovoid Spore to Agar first transfer
    Ovoid Spore to Agar first transfer

  • A+ beautiful blonde
    • 5.00

    From second flush

  • Golden teachers
    • 5.00

    Golden teacher

  • Golden teachers
    Golden teacher

  • New too this
    Dose this look ok??

  • °My first try of cakes°
    • 5.00


  • does the mycelium look okay?
    • 4.00

    my first grow, been colonizing about 4 weeks. some of the verm layer fell down through so the top won’t finish..also what are the little white balls forming?

  • Cow Pat Transplant
    Anything is possible in 12 hours

  • 1st Bulk Grow
    Golden Teacher Bulk Getting Ready to Fruit

  • How does it look? any feedback?
    about a week & a half after inoculating. this is my first grow!

  • Yumm
    To the moon and back

  • Yumm
    To the moon and back

  • Feed back on my mycelium
    Just started fruitin stage about a week and a half ago

  • brf and popcorn teks comparison
    • 5.00

    each innoculated with different races and this is there growth after 12 days. even made part popcorn to see if it would initially spread throughout quicker. so far 10 for 10 growing without contamination

  • First monotub
    Looking good? That spit is concerning me. Should I be concerned?

  • horse dung grow

  • Mold or Mycelium?
    Mold or Mycelium?

  • Second Flush Psylocibe Cubensis Mckennai
    • 5.00

    Second flush of my Mckennai kit

  • B+ cubes
    First babies being hatched in there!

  • B+ cubezz
    First fruits, if I can keep these babies long enough!!

  • Spirit World Connections
    • 5.00

    not everybody notices. the spirit world connects with me through pictures it makes out of anything from a piece of kleenex that went through the washing machine, to these mushrooms on this cake. This cake was the 1 out of 4 that fruited really well. You could say its the "peoples champ" notice the 2 arms, and the sweat dripping off its forehead (hole in cake)

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