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Growing With Kids Around

A question I see getting asked is people asking for advice and tips on how to grow shrooms and keep everything out of sight from their children.

A question I see getting asked is people asking for advice and tips on how to grow shrooms and keep everything out of sight from their children. Well I'm going to try and write something that may be of help to parents who are considering growing or parents who are already growing but are feeling a little paranoid about their kids ending up swallowing a few mushrooms.

I can only write from personal experience having a nine-year-old daughter but what you've got to remember is every family situation is different. I have a fairly big house with a spare bedroom and a cupboards I can take over anytime I get ready to grow. You may have a smaller house, less privacy to perfect your technique but if you've decided your growing then number one priority is to keep everything tidy and don't let your kids see you doing certain parts of the process.

As I said my daughters nine at the moment and I've been growing about four years, I also use weed, LSD and the very occasional E, so the bottom line is there's always drugs of some sorts stashed in my house. My daughter knows daddy loves mushrooms, I've a collection of over 30 glass mushrooms and mushroom paintings on my wall, she draws me pictures of them, runs up to me in shops with ornaments of mushrooms but she doesn't really know what daddy's favorite mushrooms do to him and his friends.

First rule is to try and do everything when your family are out, swimming or dancing lessons or if you can do your mixing and steaming your jars etc when your kids are at school. That's not always possible if say you have a harvest ready and need to get your shrooms ready for drying, I always dried my shrooms in the loft space, ban your kids from your loft, tell them its to dangerous or something. If you chop your shrooms up as i do and its at a bad time put them in the fridge till you are alone or and ready to set up your drying.

My grow tank sits in my second bathroom just off the main bedroom, my daughter could reach it but I explained to her that I was growing stuff you don't eat it was plants to be planted in the garden after that she thought I was boring always messing around with my plants, you could put your tank high on a shelf. Same goes with the glove box and any syringe work never let your kids see you with your hands in a glove box or with a syringe in your hand, in fact never let them see a syringe full stop.

If you have to move anything about the house, wet shrooms to be dried, syringes anything like and your kids are in out the shrooms or syringe in a bag, what the eye cant see sort of thing, it might seem little but it can mean a lot. In fact you turn into a bit of a guerrilla farmer but it's the best way just to make things safer. Get a child lock on a cupboard and keep all your prints, syringes everything in there so you know where everything is at any given time, put that child lock high on that door. Make the subject seem boring if your kids ask you anything, try and make them uninterested it, but saying that it was once said to me a better way may be to buy and edible growing kit, show your kids them growing and before long they would become bored and lose interest leaving you to get on with it, I never tried this one but maybe you might. The way I find best now is to grow for a few months and build up a stash then quit till your stash is needing topped up, that method works for me.

There's also the famous in vitro tech that can be looked into, using this tech there's no grow tank involved and that could be a bonus to some parents. Or maybe the cupboard you put the lock on you could set your tank up in there, rig up a light and keep the whole tank out of sight.

Today I moved my stash to another part of the house because when I was tripping yesterday I couldn't remember if I put everything back into the place I normally stash things. We were getting ready to go for a walk when I went and checked twice that I had put everything away. The place I stashed it now is a place where it's so remote and hard to get to I'll be lucky to get it myself, I had it stashed well the first time but I feel better where it is now, so make sure you've got the best place going, not just a safe place an unreachable remote spot. All the time your growing you should be thinking of better ways to do things, better ways to hide your work but just because you have kids doesn't mean you cant grow and enjoy your new found hobby.

by scotsman1
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