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Life is PERFECT (very long)

Ok, Anyone that has shroomed KNOWS thats its not very easy to tell about your trip, cause its just a personal experience, but I will try, sorry if it might not makes sense sometimes, but im trying to make sense or it.

Ok, Anyone that has shroomed KNOWS thats its not very easy to tell about your trip, cause its just a personal experience, but I will try, sorry if it might not makes sense sometimes, but im trying to make sense or it.

Ok, So me and my friends were supposed to get shrooms one night and didnt, for some reason, so we were going to get them the next night, didnt get them then, the day after, the day after, and so on. we were using my friend C's guy, and i knew i could get them faster. i texted my dealer he told me he could bring them to me before 9 oclock the next day, HELL YA! i talked to C and he was cool. I got up and met him around 9:30 got them. they were perfect golden caps, 4.7g. we were so excited. we told our parents we were going lngboarding all day, so we were set. We tried to decide, i was running on empty, so we went to a semi-nearby mal.

We got to the mall parking lot and i was going to write down where i parked (which would have helped SO much) but i forgot once we got parked. I have a 2 door small SEV and a back door. We parked backwarded against a wall, opened the back and I devided the shrooms into 3 piles or 1.4-1.6 each, i tried to make them even. we ate them, a security guard came before we finished, so we got our longbards out the back to pretend thats why we were back there, then when he left, we went back and finished them.

C was experienced, me and J were not. We walked into the mall at like Robinsons May and tried to get to the big mall part. Its been like 10 minutes. We find the big mall and decide to go to Starbucks for water. The yhave a cigg but i dont like ciggs so i just sat there, waiting for something, nothing yet. We go back into the mall and just walk around aimlessly. J wants somewhere to sit and wait so they think oa couch and we go find it. We all sit ont he couch and just inda wait. at first you dont notice but your tripping. It started to hit all of it. I dont know what J And C were seeing, but there were plants around us, and they were growing. And the walls were breathing. Me and C would look at each other or even not look at eachother and laugh, as if we both knew what we were laughing at, but we didnt.

We were enjoying it and this crazy guy came to us and was talking to us about working double shifts at the discovery store and he had a weird eye, or i thought so, maybe he didnt, but all i know is it freaked us out, so we left. We ended up going to the discovery store. my trip kinda wore off a little here at the store, i sat in a massaging chair but nothing trippy was going on. we left and decided to check movie times, went to check them, and forgot. we were walking away and decided we didnt like all the ppl and decided to leave.

We got to the parking ot, theres like 5 floors, and like 10 iff. sections or parking lot, and i had NO idea where i parked. we sat like mad scientists like trying to remember where i parked, and what floor even, for that matter. after like 20 minutes, we remembered slightly, winged it, and sure eneough found my car. when we saw it, we all like clapped and screamed in happyness. It was starting to feel like a great day!

We all got in the car, and leaned the seats back and just got comfy. C in the back, J in the passenger, me in the drivers. The rest of the trip gets fuzzy, so i will try to describe it the best.

We all talked like 5 minutes, and i looked out the front window and we were facing a pillar, but there was a view, and i knew the two guys couldnt see the view and i saw this massive craze that was like miles away, but i thought i could reach out and touch it. it was so beautiful, a crane, the sky was perfect blue, and the crane was like, i cant describe it, so heavenly. i KNEW they had to see this.

I moved the car, slowly, carefully, and let them have a view. This crane was amazing!!!!! I ove it, we talked for 40 minutes on how the crane was the best thing that ever happened to us, not for reasons, i think just cause it was so beautiful. We tried to put music on but we couldnt operate anything so it failed. but this crane was the greatest! We all laughed at anyhing, everything, and just talked about how life was perfect and the crane was the best, J thought it was a big gun shooting at irag. Lol. talked about how america is an ass hole and picks on all the countries.

C told us later in the car me and J had a conversation like

Me-"So omg, its like..."
J-"Dude! I know, o man, it IS like..."
Me-"See! It is, its just so..."
J"I know exactly what you mean dude!

And we thought we were making sence, but we werent. J and C made this thing where we would trip for like 30 minutes, then have a "Normality" where we didnt trip to act normal, but we would do that like 5 seconds, then we would all start cracking up. I didnt get any huge visualls, i looked in my mirror once and thought i was a spider, i dunno, but i decided i dont want to look at the mirror so i pointed itaway. And another CEV where i saw like hundreed of mouths like i dunno how to explain it. Ppl looked weird as hell though. like everyones face was only half a face just mirrored over, it was freaky. Life was ERFECT, i kept saying, i loved it, life was the best. We eventually got out of the car and me and j longboarded down a hill in the parking lot, my trip wasnt so strong now, the crane was my peak, that crane was the best.

Ok, now this is BAD, never do this FOR THIS REASON. I told myself i wouldnt driveon mushrooms, but i did, i thought i was fine. we start driveing on a 45 MPH street, im doing 45 or 50, speed limit, and i have my left hand on the mindow, like on the door, and my right hand on the wheel. we were driving and this tractor was doing 40, and i thought it was cool cause that was fast for a huge tractor. And i guess i took my right hand off, so i was now driving with no hands, and i was pointing at it. my friends freaked out, and i thought it was becasue i thought a tractor was cool, i had no idea that i had no hands on the wheel. but i found that ourt later, ya, thats my trip. we got to my friends house, they had a cat and i thought it was evil, but it was the nicest cat ever, and i eventually petted it,

Sorry baout driving, it was STUPID, NEVER DO IT! I didnt want to, but ya, the shrooms got to me.

Happy trail!

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