Letting it flow

Pullman, WASHINGTON (November 19th) It was my girlfriend's birthday.

Pullman, WASHINGTON (November 19th)

It was my girlfriend's birthday. We were studying at U of I in Moscow, but since we wanted this to be a very huge and special adventure, we decided to trip off at a luxurious suite of some nice hotel. We both had two caps and 4 stems and stepped into a jacuzzi. Half an hour later I started to feel these weird sensations and focused on some red spot on the wall. I felt I was going deep through it....WWIWIWIWI. Next thing I noticed was myself on a mirror; this is a very bizarre circumstance when tripping on shrooms; my arm turn out to be a hammer! I laughed like hell and all of a sudden I started listening to a very soft and calm song; colours turned brighter and I started writing and drawing. Everything was so perfect. I cried. I experienced the wonderful sensation about pure crying; nothing will ever reach this purity and sense of happiness. It's quite difficult to explain; anyhow, it does exist and this makes life worth living.