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Less than expected.

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Well, i finally found some more mushrooms after about 6 months of waiting and my friend I decided to do them on a friday night at my house, with another friend present..(B) who was not tripping. It was my third time doing them,...(A's) first and B had never cared to. Well, our plan had just been to wait for my parents to fall asleep and eat both of our eiths of some homegrown hydras. These, by the way, were talked of by the dealer, a good friend of mine, as being as potent as some can come. I was hoping atleast 4 but maybe level 3 trip.

Well, A was very impatient and he wanted to go ahead and chew them up around 9:00 but my parents had not fallen asleep so i was a little bit worried. However, not thinking that my parents would ever come up, as they usually never do, and see if i needed anything or if they need my help. Therefore, i joined A about 20 mins later and he was already catching a good buzz. Only 20 mins in, and he didnt know what to expect all to much but he was telling me he felt realllly stoned. Naturally, i was happy knowing now that they were as potent as my dealer said they were.

We decided to keep ourselves occupied at first by watching jay and silent bob strike back. That shit was funnier than i had ever seen. I seemed to have themovie memorized and it was only my second time watching it. A was tripping out over the size of his pupils and how his face seemed to melt in the mirror and how his eyes and body was pulsing. I decided to pause the movie, which annoyed B, and join my friend. He looked like a lizard in the mirror but i was concentrating on him but on the serious amount of veins throughout my skin. I had blast on realizing that my eyes were the gateway to my inner trip and how they seemed to dance to the pink floyd (comfortably numb) song in the background.

However, my peak was only what i would say a level two though becasue i only felt real awe for a couple of hours in my room wacthing jay and silent bob have life all figured out and how pink floyd's music danced to the beat of my heart. Colors werent everywhere but they were in my mind. My mind was everywhere which made my body go everywhere. This made my parents realized that i was still up and they asked me to help them pack up the rest of my sister's college shit so she can move in. This is where i had the most concealed yet great revelation of nature in my life...and the best part was that i never left the driveway.

I had only a couple things to lift like a TV and a computer but they seemed to stick to my hand like technology is what humans are stuck to and can get out of. I tried to avoid my parents so they couldnt see my pupils and at the same time i tried to stress sober myself for a couple minutes so i didnt get in trouble. And as i tried to sober myself i saw my willow tree in my front yard in a beautiful green like i had never seen before and i realized that everyting in that momemt was to incredible to do a foolish thing like get out of it. I saw the grass sway back and forth and i knew that life was just too much to take in only on trips with mushrooms and that i had to take it all in every second. It was then that my dad was finished packing and i could go inside to finish the joyous ride.

A was still in my room with an unbelievable look on his face and he was mesmorized that there are things in thw world that can show him these sights of the mind and he realized how he had been taught his whole life to reject such wonderful things. So then i showed him the greatest trip toys in the world which were pink floyd and the winamp visualization option called Acidpunk, as well as the pinwheel illusion which i stared at for about the rest of my trip until we decided to turn offf everything and enjoy the sound of perfect silence. He was in a stage above me but the feelgood sensation was still what i wanted, although the sights were perfect...mushrooms are still mushrooms and you cant be demanding of them...thats not how to treat life.

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