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Late Night Trip

Friday night I ate 20 grams of fresh Psilocybe cubensis at midnight.

Friday night I ate 20 grams of fresh Psilocybe cubensis at midnight.I wasn't planning on tripping until next week, but out of the 2 friends over that night, one had just left, and the other had passed out!I wasn't tired, so I decided to go for it.About 12:40 I started feeling it, and my jeans were squiggling a little. This was familiar from when I had done acid before, so needless to say, I became very optimistic about the forthcoming trip.

Well, I went in my room and played with trip toys on my computer (acid warp, cthugha, etc) while listening to good old Pink Floyd. In a couple of hours I was really tripping balls.It had been a good half year since I had tripped on acid, and now I remembered why people often refer totripping as "frying"!My mind was going "rarararalaararar". Pretty hard to describe. I laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling for a while.The specks all over it started warping around and forming geometric patterns at the same time.When I would close my eyes, perfectly shaped flower outlines would appear in the blackness.I also watched my door warp around in its frame for a while. I then turned out the lights and listened to the "Wish You Were Here" album.I could actually "feel" the music as opposed to just listening to it.

After the album I went and managed to wake my friend up from his drunken stupor. The first thing he said was "Ohhhhh, I need water", and this struck me so funny that I laughed my balls off for the next 5 minutes.He didn't know I was tripping, so he was flipping out.Then I just shut up and stared at the carpet warping around.Heh, everything he said from that point on was just insanely hilarious!After a while I went to bed because I had become extremely tired. I had been up about 20 hours now. Unfortunately, the shroom gods decided my trip wasn't over yet!

As I lay there twisting and turning, I started to become paranoid that the DEA was after me.After about 20 minutes of this unpleasantness, I decided to play some Quake 2 to get my mind off of it.Thankfully, it worked.I was so wowed by the color and artwork (You MUST get a 3dfx card if you like Quake!), that I calmed down and forgot about the DEA.After going back to bed though, I couldn't sleep for the next hour or two because everytime I'd close my eyes the darkness itself would be warping and breathing, just like the carpet and ceiling earlier! Finally it went away, and I was able to sleep.Thank god I hadn't took acid, cause I'd have been in for another 6 or so hours of no sleep.All in all a great trip, the only reason I wanted it to go away towards the end was because I had been up too long, next time I plan to ingest much earlier.

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