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Last night

So, last night my husband gave me a dose of 3 grams GT cubensis.

So, last night my husband gave me a dose of 3 grams GT cubensis. It was my first time, so he told me to dress comfortably and to not think about the usual things that stress me during the day prior. The powder was mixed with a glass of orange juice. I expected it to taste badly, but I was pleasantly suprised to find that if you hold your breathe you can't taste it. We sat down in the living room to watch Harry Potter. About half an hour in, my husband was rubbing my shoulders and it began to feel like his hands were shaking. I asked him if they were, and he told me they weren't. I began to see the carpet roll like ocean waves. I found every thing to be hilarious and beautiful. I couldn't look at him, without busting up. My eyes would not stop leaking and I was yawning every other minute. I became completly caught up in the movie. During the dark intense moments, I was scared, and during the fun cinematic parts I was at peace with the world and myself. It felt as if my moods were being controlled by the movie, and everything that was happening in it was real and I was a part of it. As I began to peak, Jay asked me if I wanted to go lay in the dark on our bed. So, as we were on our way, we stopped at the bath room so that I could look in the mirror. My pupils were huge! I thought that I looked very pretty, and kept staring at myself. I started to see in the walls and shower curtain move like waves or wind in the reflection. I appeared to be slowly moving forward. We finally made it to the bed. The only light was the moon shining through the curtains. Every thing looked like it was covered with white fuzz and was softly out of focus. I began to see neon colors outlining my husband's form next to me. I saw patterns moving behind a spider web of shapes covering my eyes. It reminded me a lot of Lisa Frank stuff. I lifted up my hand to my face and uttered the classic "look, it's my hand!" It looked like it had more fingers than I could count. I began to wiggle them and I could no longer distinguish individual digits. I was very comfortable sexualy. I ended up giving Jay head. I know I was moving, but it just felt like my head was floating. Eventually, I lost interest and wanted to discuss how beautifully normal my life was. At some point, we took the dog for a walk. I was nervous about being seen, but I had a lot of fun. I felt like I could go on forever. I saw little asian characters and bubble letters float in and out of my vision. It wasn't like I saw them standing out in the world, I knew they were just in m eyes. I got freaked out because I thought some one was following us, but upon careful study, I realized it was just a tree walking behind us. The rest of my trip was finished up by watching the rest of Harry Potter. When I started to decline, I had the loudest, windiest gas ever! It felt really good to my heightened awareness of my body. Over all it was a good experience, and I'd like to do it again sometime soon.

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