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I had an unusual trip because I threw up at the begining but the trip wasn't bad.

I had an unusual trip because I threw up at the begining but the trip wasn't bad. It was the first time I've ever tripped and I had two friends with me who didn't trip so they could "babysit". My boyfriend got mad when I puked because he didn't want to trip alone, but I ended up tripping harder than he did. At first I was mean to everyone and I thought it was funny. I would yell at people and then laugh. I got mad when anyone tried to change anything. Like the blanket on the couch was all bunched up and one of my friends fixed it when I got up and it made me mad. I didn't want anything to change. But I forgot about it right away. Anytime I would go off on a rampage she would say "Its no big deal" and then I would calm down instsntly. My nose started to run and my eyes were watery from laughing. I asked for a kleenex to blow my nose but instead I just held on to it. I started to rip it apart and realized how cool it felt and I just kept bunching it up in both my hands. I hand two bunched up wads of kleenex during almost the whole trip. I didn't want to let them go because they had been with me since the begining. My two "sane" friends had to leave so it was just me and my boyfriend tripping away in my dorm room. It was so fun. He tried to take my kleenex away and I wouldn't let him. I started hitting him but not hard. I started to laugh when I realized that he was tripping. For a minute I felt like I wasn't tripping anymore. It was just weird to think that he was tripping. I don't know why. One of my friends came to my room at around 3:15 in the morning and it freaked me out because she wasn't there at the begining so it seemed like she shouldn't be there. She also has the same name as me so when she knocked and I asked who it was it freaked me out. She was tripping on gel tabs and she only stayed for about two minutes. Then someone called to see how I was and I think that ruined it for me too. There were bad and good parts mixed together at the end. I started to get really tired and I couldn't fall asleep. I just wanted it to end because I had been tripping for almost six hours and I wanted to stop. Through my whole trip I didn't want anyone to touch me but towards the end I was laying on the floor and my boyfriend was on the couch and I just wanted him to hug me and make me feel better. I was tired of being by myself and I was wishing we could have shared the same trip but I knew that wasn't possible. He didn't feel good and he told me to wait until it wore off. When it started to ware off, we sat on the couch and looked out the window. My dorm room is on the 22nd floor and the lights looked so cool. We were talking about our trips and I just felt kind of stoned. It seemed like there weren't any other people in the whole world because nothing was going on outside. It was about 6:30 in the morning and the sun hadn't come up yet. All in all it was a fun and good trip, but I think maybe my visitors turned it into a bad one at times. My stomach also hurt the whole time but sometimes I didn't notice it. I forgot to mention that the couch was breathing and sometimes the room would get really small and other times it seemed really long. The colors from my disco ball made the room seem warm but towards the end it made me dizzy. My black light also added some interesting things too.

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