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Kissing Triangles

Last halloween, I went party hopping with my girlfriend and her friends.

Last halloween, I went party hopping with my girlfriend and her friends. We ended up at a winery party. (we live in oregon wine country) Every one was getting drunk and eating cheese. After a couple of hours of drinking the best wine I've ever had, I ask for some of my girlfriends tea. She gives me a drink and the taste is amazing. I asked her what was in it and she said "magic" After a few repetitions she said mushrooms and I got it. I got a mug for my self and drank a couple of cups. The party seemed to start dying down so we decided to leave. Walking back to the car took much longer than it should have, Everybody was happy and I was laughing at the littlest things. As we started to drive back to our town the tea really started to kick in. I can get myself drunk on physical sensation alone and the tea amplified it. Our designated driver was driving and my girlfriend was in the passenger seat. I sat behind her and started kissing the back of her head. Every nerve in my body was fully alive and feeling every thing I touched. We were trying to kiss even though the seat was dividing us, and I wanted to tell her what was happening to me. She kept repeating that I was to loud while I was wispering in her ear. She told me I was unstoppable and I agreed. The music from the car stereo wasn't coming in my ears, but rather my feet. I had the relevation that kissing her was triangles. There isn't a way to explain it, it just was. She started to fall asleep and I started watching the road. The car seemed to be going a hundred miles an hour, as that thought started upseting me I checked the speedometer and saw we were doing thirty. I realized the driver was sober and fell asleep. When I got home I wrote a poem about the night and my experience, but it doesn't do justice to the experience.

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