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Just Me, My Room, And My Shrooms

Sorry this is so long, but I couldn't leave anything out.

Sorry this is so long, but I couldn't leave anything out....
Last night I munched 4g of some small smelly shrooms for my second time at around 9 o'clock, I waited about 20 minutes when it hit me. I felt drunk and my head felt heavy, I turned around to the vicious gaze of a stuffed Kenny toy watching me, but I didn't mind. I started to write down things I saw to remember them, but the paper turned into a water fall and the pen writing started to float above the paper. I looked back again from my computer desk, my guitar's neck started stretching out and shrinking back, and so was the pickguard. Then everything started to come alive, my shelves where moving in and out, and my dresser was waving similar to water, but vertically. I couldnt focus.... I then got a call from one of my punk friends that knew I was tripping, it was blocked ID, but they were saying stuff like, It's your conscious, blah blah blah, I couldn't concentrate enough to hear the rest but i was laughing. I went to my washroom which has a mirror that covers the top half of one wall, holy shit, my pupils where huge... i was so freaked out i nearly left, but i got myself to calm down and chill out. I came back to my room, and all the shadows seemed to have started a game of hide n' seek. I watched for a bit until a picture on my wall started coming out, i was amazed. By now my brain was in fast forward, I was thinking way too much, mostly about human existance which seemed pointless at the time. So then I decided to drink some Pepsi, it was a water fall of happiness. So after I opened my window, and I had half my body outside, looking 2 stories down at the snow which disappeared, then came back, a big maple tree with no leaves caught my eye, he was moving around and bending. I must have watched this tree for 10 minutes, then my neighbours chimney started to dance, it confused me so much i had to go back inside. So i started up a game called counter-strike which is a first person shooter, it was like my soul went into that character and i was literally in the game, it was so intense. It wasn't until 12:30 when my head slowed down and I could relax, I felt so amazing. I went to bed and watched some TV, it didn't matter which show I watched, they were all good, but I really enjoyed the old spider man, the original series, haha. I felt exhausted, so I tried to sleep, but I got emo and I felt depressed, I was scared about the call with the punks tripping me out, it didn't bug me before, and I knew it was a prank, cause it was "my conscious" calling, but I felt scared... I was even more confused because I didn't hear anything they said. I couldn't fall asleep until about 2 or 3. What an adventure, but now it feels like someone melted my brain.

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