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just a trip

one night I decided to take my cousin on his first mushroom trip.

one night I decided to take my cousin on his first
mushroom trip. he was pretty excited about it and
everyone else we were doing it with were my really
good friends and we had all been on them before. we
took the shrooms and some people were drinking as
well and they were smoking weed. the shrooms had
really good visuals and we were all pretty happy. we
were at my friends house and hen decided to leave
because it was getting boring. we went over to this lake
near his house and just walked around but then the
cops showed up. they got out and we were all pretty
scared, but somehow explained that we were on our
way home and started walking away. they watched us
for a long time and we didnt know what to do so we
took the lake's boardwalk into the bushes. this was
really trippy because we kept tihnking we were going to
fall looking at the boards on the walk. we were all really
nervous and my cousin told me he wanted to go home.
I knew the way, but he was really scared and didnt
know where we were. we passed some guys that were
just sitting at the lake at 3 am and my cousin thought
that we were talking to them so he stopped to chat. we
had no clue who these people were so I had to drag
him away. he wanted to explore in everything and some
stuff was pretty dangerous, like buildings getting
construction done on them. Finally we got home and I
put him to bed and just layed in my room and then I
heard a vehicle outside. It was 4 am and my friends I
Had just left were parked in the middle of my lawn in my
friends truck! they got out and we hung out some more
and just laughed. they thought they had seen a bear so
they were scared and then we all fell asleep. it was a lot
of fun, the visuals were great and we just had a good

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