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J&H first time fun

Hey there!

Hey there! Whad up my donin buddies. First off thanks to the shroomery for all of the great trip reports that both informed me and psyched me up for my first mushroom experience. so here goes.

Location: Alaska (The weed state)
Date7/24-7/25 2000
Type P cubensis

Me and all of my friends had been looking for mushrooms for a long time. It all started last summer when our frequent and enthusiastic use of this little plant called marijuana had calmed our souls. We felt that we were ready to go to the next level. Unfortunatly shrooms are VERY hard to come by in our town. Our first chance to dose didn't come until just a couple weeks ago when a friend/drug dealer of mine called me while he was vacationing in whitehorse. yokon. He asked me if i wanted to dose still and i gave him an enthusiastic yes. So i bought the shit and me and my friend Herman sat down and split up an eighth. My initial plan was to eat it all mysels but hey the more the merrier so we split up the fungus and prepped ourselves for the promised horrible taste. I took the first bite out of the biggest cap holding a sprite in my other hand to chase it with. Suprisingly it really wasn't bad at all so i chewed and swallowed the rest enthusiasticly. For about a half hour nothing seemed to happen. We popped in bio-dome and just kinda sat around shooting the shit. our friend tom came over with some chick and we just kinda chilled for awhile watching the movie. I was kinda pissed because i wasn't feeling anything and i had split up all of the shit. I thought the night was going to be bunk. Then i looed over and herman was sorta staring off into space. I asked him if he was allright and he snapped out of his little world looked over at me and said dude i need a cigerette. I stood up an we went out to the front porch. While smoking our cigarettes the first effects started to hit me It literally fely as if i was taking off. It was like i had smoked alot of shwag weed and gotten body high but at the same time having a constant little adrenaline rush. This put a little grin on my face that didn't leave fr almost 4 hours!! The rest was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Ican't go into to much detail because tripping is a personal experience. I just wanted to submit this to maybe offset your opinion after reading so many trip reports containing "bad trips" When your tripping it's like looking at the world through the eyes of something else. Everything you see is new, somehow different and alive. I believe that you can control your trip. It's all about the environment you in and your general outlook on life. Tripping amplifies you emotions so if you go into it paranoid and scared youll end up a terrified little ball on the floor and no one will like you least of all yourself. but if your a generally happy person, confident in yourself and your surroundings then tripping shrooms is one of the best things you can ever do . I highly recommend it. IF YOUR READY

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