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I'm Sorry Mr. Tree

Two days ago, I was talking to a friend at school, when she told me that she had around 1- 1.

Two days ago, I was talking to a friend at school, when she told me that she had around 1- 1.5g of gold caps and stems, and plenty of dust to go with it. I jumped at the opportunity, as I have been wanting to drop mush for awhile now. I purchased it, and had planned on tripping for the upcoming weekend.

It all happened sooner than expected though. Last night I went over to a friends, and we decided to smoke a decent sized, good bud joint. While high, I mentioned to my friend that I had the shrooms at my house, and that we should just split up the little bit I had and trip. We went to my house, grabbed it, came back, smoked another joint, then had talked to some of my buddies who have done shrooms and who told me to drop them by myself. So, with my friend understanding, I took them.

About 5 minutes after ingesting what I had, I realized that I had what was similar to being burnt out. About 20 minutes later, slowly I started fixating on things in the room, mainly the tv. I got up, feeling slightly lightheaded, and went to the washroom. When I was done, I looked in the mirror and jumped back when I realized my pupils were huge. I had scared the shit out of myself. Knowing what was coming, I went back and sat down, acting somewhat normal and not telling my friend. A few minutes later, I noticed a grid (connected with green lines and a black backdrop) form behind the television. Not thinking much of it, I found it rather amusing. A few minutes later, I wanted to look around. Doing so, I found myself looking at a chair in his basement, finding something odd about it. I couldn't put my finger on it, but something was off. I relaxed for a few minutes, where I insisted to my friend that nothing was happening (why I wouldn't tell him, I dont know), and was then promptly kicked out of the house by his mother (for no reason, she just wanted me out).

After I left, and started walking home, I realized how cold it was, yet how good I was feeling. Everything seemed interesting to me. The street lights were great, the houses loomed over me tall and proud, the tree's had their own little life and shine, things were cool. I left the main road, wanting to seek out nature. I took off down a dark path, enjoying the stars as out of the corner of my eye they seemed to shift and bounce off eachother. I stopped to take a piss under a tree, when I realized it was lurking above me, looking down wondering why I was pissing on it. I laughed, apologized, and walked away. From this point on, every tree I saw I looked at and briefly studied as I walked by envisioning them having faces (my mind saw faces, I didn't hallucinate though).

When I got home, I avoided eye contact with my parents, and somewhat made conversation with my brother. At this point, I wanted to go back outside and wonder around, but I knew I couldn't. I said I was going to bed, when my mom suggested that I took the dog for a walk the next morning. Seizing the opportunity, I said I'd do it there and then, to, "help tire me out a little". Everything was great at this point. I was happy, and my mind was filled with "woahs", and "that's amazing" as I went on my brief excursion.

When I got home, I went up in my room, and layed down in the dark. The next 2 and half hours or so were filled with my mind playing tricks on me, and playing out ideas in front of me. I didn't really see things move, but my mind did, and somehow my eyes did to. My windows had a strange glow as I layed there, and I went through at least a million thoughts.

I woke up this morning mentally and physically exhausted. I'm still pretty tired, but I'm not as out of it. My journey wasn't that exciting, compared to others', but it was still a great experience. Some of my other friends want to try shrooms now, so I'm thinking I might do it once again in the near/distant future, but with a higher or similar dose.

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