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Where can I find supplies in the UK?

When I first started it was like a maze of names and phrases I had never heard of before in my life.

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Click here for the UK supplies thread. Lots of good info in there. Feel free to ask questions if you cant find your answers.

****************EDIT and UPDATE*******************

When I first started it was like a maze of names and phrases I had never heard of before in my life. When the veil breaks, inoculation, fruiting, pins, vermiculite, mycelium, perlite were all words I never associated with tripping.
I stumbled on mushroom spores and kits while looking at other substances available on line and I was hooked straight away. I never new much then but decided to take a chance and send for a kit containing 10 plastic 250ml containers, syringe and substrate.
When it arrived I was like a kid with a new toy, I quickly got everything together and before I new it the first spots of mycelium were showing after a week and within another 2 weeks I had my first flush. Then the learning process really started because everything I needed to start was in the well-equipped kit, so I decided to try and find everything I needed to be self-sufficient.
Canning, the art of getting jam and fruit into jars is massive in America but practically unheard of here in the UK and as some equipment associated with canning is used in growing mushrooms, canning jars I had a hard job finding the best equipment for the job in hand.
I had the 10 jars I received with my kit, they are good plastic jars and I still use them but there only good for semi sterilization, boiling jars in a pot not a pressure cooker and as I never had a pressure cooker at this time it was plastic containers I was looking for.

Jars (glass and plastic)

After a lot of searching I found that Asda supermarkets sells good plastic Tupperware containers with good tapered lids and their 250ml about 40p each. Some of the lids were looser than others but when making your jars up put a layer of foil over the container before you put the lid on, this helps make the tighter.
If you have a pressure cooker and your looking for glass jars you can forget about finding any canning jars in the UK , we don't sell them because as I said earlier we aint into canning the way they are in the USA but alternatives can be found.
Bonne Maman jam is available in a lot of Tesco supermarkets and these make ideal glass containers for using for your pressure cooker also in Tesco Princes Finest Continental Pate make just as good jars, both are dearer than the plastic containers but are sound investments for the pc user.

by Jackal
I too had a lot of trouble finding canning jars in the UK, and had given up when I accidently stumbled across some in a chain-store called Farnworths. They do mainly sell craft-supplies, but yes they do also stock canning jars


Used in the gentle art of cake making, used in gardening and available in any BnQ, Homebase and most garden centers.


Used for humidity and available at BnQ, Homebase and most garden centers.


Used for humidity and availabl eat  most garden centers under the brand name Hydroleca.

<>Terrarium or Fruiting Chamber

BnQ again do a wide range of plastic containers is all shapes and sizes. Pick a dark one and make sure you get a clear lid, this saves you cutting the lid later to let light in. They do a 40litre one that holds about 15 cakes they also have ones that have wheels about 75 litre both are good and have good fitting lids.

Brown Rice or Brown Rice Flour

Well I have never been able to find BRF I just go for the brown rice and then put it in the coffee blender to make it into flour, try to get organic brown rice.

Temp Gauge, Humidity Gauge

Both available in BnQ, Homebase and all garden centers.

Spores and Spore Syringes.

The tricky part, who do you trust your money to? Well I started with a kit but don't recommend them because you can make you kit yourself cheaper.
I will give the sites I have bought off and have had no problems www.smartbotanics.com are a well established site who deal in good quality spores, kits and equipment and if your not happy you get a refund.
Also www.ralphstersspores.com is a top spore supplier run by Ralphster a well established member of the online mushroom community, these are only a few there is many to choose from but I had no problem with these two sites.


Used for drying mushrooms, this can be found again at BnQ and Homebase at the plumbing section, Kilrock refill for moisture traps.

Well there aint much else you need to set your self up except a little skill and a little luck and once you get started you can take your own prints and trade them , so good luck and happy tripping.

by scotsman

Just a lil note by acneman. Check out micro-science. They provide a large variety of mycological supplies, its pretty much a 1 stop shop!

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