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I'll be right here

This happened a while ago.

This happened a while ago...but Im gonna post it.
Me and 3 other friends decided to all shroom for our first time together. Me and my friend JIll split an 1/8, as well as our other 2 friends....the shrooms were from different dealers.
Me and JIll took ours a while before the other 2 showed up. We had no idea what to expect or when we were going to feel it, so a half hour later we were getting agitated that we were feeling nothing. Me being the optimist tried to find any sort of effect...and all I could really notice that was different was the proportions of jills living room and the ceiling seemed lower. Jill seemed to notice that my straightening her fingers and letting them drop it "felt cool," and she became quite occupied with doing that. by the time the others had arrived we were acting pretty silly...jill pacing and doing her trick, me juss laughing really hard at her, and myself because i didnt know why i found it so funny. SO maria and danielle split up their 1/8, and ate it and we decided to walk2 this persons house we knew because they said they would enhance our experience. We go 2 he house....they aren't home. So we decided to walk back 2 jills so she could get her lighter...we had to cross through a churchfiel which was layered in snow because it was march. So everyone starts walking back to jills and I tell them Im going to sit down...in the middle of the field.
I sit down (Keep in mind I am wearing thin pants and they are getting SOAKED in the snow) and star at the back of the church. THere were 4 trees in front of my evenly spaced, and the light from the church (which looks orange sober) seemed to split into blue and red as it shed across the shadows on the snow. I look at the ground around me (which was in waves because of the snow) and it starts to breath slowly, and then in sync w/ my breath...then the top layer of the snow all meshed together and started to move towards me....
at this point my friends start yelling for me to come along, and I tell them "No, juss come back for me, Ill be right here"....then they informed me we were goin somewhere else, so I had no choice but to go along. So we start on our way to this persons house, and we had a few moments like JIll going "I know its not a jellyfish, but I dont know what else it could be,"...turned out it was a water tower. and looking at a house, it had so many digital features. THe sidings of the houses would multiply into many lines until it turned to mesh, then I would blink and they would repeat. I also had the strongest NEED to listen Jam music, and I kept bugging my friends what we needed to listen 2 GD. When we made it to the house, everyone there was shrooming too....it was about 9 kidz all trippin and confused on what to do. Inside the house there was a painting of a wolf w/ a beautiful backround behind it...since I had never seen the painting any other time, to this day I dont know if it had all the radiant colors in it, but I dont think it did because for a painting the colors didnt seem to fit, but i certainly enjoyed them. THe painting on the wall then started to breath too.
As we tried to make plans everyone kept asking jill if we could go back 2 her house. But everytime anyone would say her name she would just start laughing. SO we decided we would go back 2 jillz. Walking back i made many observations about the group. everyone split off into groups of 3 and 2,, and walked so far apart, I felt like a bouncy ball, going from group to group. At some poitn I felt as if all of us had sort of magnetic energy, in the sense that at different times, everyone seemed to attract to eachother and repell all at different times.
we got as far as a major road, when jill realized that she couldnt have all these people come back, and we went our seperate ways jill maria danielle and I headed 2 jillz, and all the others heading back ...we felt bad b/c we led them so far only to have them turn around....but then again...we didnt have to mind to make simple decisions.
Walking back 2 jillz we decided 2 take shortcuts b/c it was cold out, and I decided to walk through what looked like a thorn bush...as I was doing so maria points out that she thinks its barbed wire....havin an impressionable mind, I start to freak out and get tangled up in it....until i finally make it through....at this point we realize that it was actually a thorn bush, and everyone else walked safely through it....my legs were all cut up, but I thought it was funny. One thing I noticed, was how amazingly connected to the trees I felt...the branches seemed to fade off into the backround, they were absolutely breathtaking. For some reason I kept thinking about stopsigns....everytime I remembered that i took shrooms (cuz lets face it, you forget sometimes) I would think of a stopsign, and I couldnt figure out why. So when we got back we made our way to the basement w/ the cd player, and I finally put in my GD cd.....as we adjusted to the change of atmosphere I started to feel really sick like I was going to puke...so danielle got me a bag, but the feeling went away when I realized that the CD was skipping. Maria and I turned very nostalgic,..and began to miss the good ol days, as jill sat in a recliner w/ her knees wrapped in her arms, every 5 min she would go through a fit of laughter that turned to tears, and she would stop. WHen Danielle asked her what was wrong she responded "the wall"
ONe of the topics for discussions that night seemed to be normality, we had no concept of it and had no idea on how we were suppose to return to it the next morning, the way we felt was so real...
....we made our way up 2 jillz room, thinkin we were really loud and we were goin to wake her parents up....and after giggles and conversation we slowly eases ourself to sleep...the next morning left us somewhat confused...but I had never felt so wonderful.

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