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I'd say level 1.5,

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Ok, this was the first time I have ever done shrooms and the first time I've tripped. I'm sick of weed and don't smoke it anymore. So I wanted something natural and safe that's actually better. I bought a gram at first but the guy gave me another for free since it was my first time. I took each gram about 45 min. apart.
It took a good hour till I actually felt something, I took'em on an empty stomach so I felt a little nauseous throughout it.
Started out as a body high where I felt really talkative and inspired, but sort of drunk like. I felt really happy and seemed to feel the air around me. I first saw something when I looked in the mirror and my face kinda imploded but returned to normal after I flinched so I looked again and saw weird dark greenish colors appear. And this might sound egotistical but I thought I looked so damn hansome, like I never thought I was so I just kept looking at my face in the mirror. I went in the computer lab at my dorm and I looked at the jeans I was wearing and I swear to God they waved like water. Then I started seeing these neon blue jungle-like designs on my pants. I was staring at them so long and I kinda said 'wow' so that my friend laughed at me tha I was tripping out. so I went to my room and turned the lights out. I saw one of the doors of my room buldge out like it was rubber or something. My posters started looking 3d and I saw the green lights of my clock move around the room. I saw a door on t.v. melt but tv was moving too fast and i couldn't trip off it.
That's about the last I saw. After it I was real tired but that's probably cause it was 4am. I didn't feel sick or hung over afterwards. I can't see how shrooms are so looked down upon. I think the popularity of weed as a natural drug is overblown. For some people like me, weed makes things worse. Shrooms were the best high I've ever done. I can't see how acid could be any better by being more intense.

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