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When I was 16, I had been smoking weed for awhile.

When I was 16, I had been smoking weed for awhile. I went over to a very close friends house that I'd known for a few years...she was 20 at the time(we'll call her Amanda Panda). Well I went over to talk to her about some troubles I'd been having with parents...and she felt like the mother I never had. I would consider myself at that time as one of the blind (the people who scurry about their lives trying to accomplish goals that meant nothing on the universal level)
Well as I was venting one of her friends came over and said I brought your stuff.(We'll call him brad). Well I just kept talking and brad just sat and listened.I ranted on about how they were trying to push christianity on me and make me a better person blah fucking blah.
Amanda payed for them and gave me a few caps, about a gram or two...she told me to chew them for at least 50 chews and swallow. As with the first time I smoked weed I tried to picture it not as this is the bad stuff I was always told not to do, but as openly as possible,curious as to what it'd do to me. When she left the room brad(who I didn't know) fed me about five more caps out of his bag. I ate those then she came back in and sat down and brad told her you didn't give him enough to do much so she gave me a few more from her bag and went to get some water for me...as she was gone brad pulled out a good handful and said just eat 'em all...now that I look back it was all a little much for me...but after about half an hour I noticed every thing was dripping and as everything was dripping, the color of whatever the drip dripped off of would merge with the colors of what the drip that dripped off of what was dripping originally dripped onto...trippy shit, but that just the beginning...I don't remember much exept that I stepped outside and saw what appeared to be and I can only describe as a tiny man dressed in a bird suit slowly peeking out of some bushes, looking around like he was paranoid...as I was standing there staring he noticed me and we looked each other right in the eyes and it scared me but I kept looking as he cocked his head as if trying to see if i saw him/it or not but when it was sure I saw it it darted back into the bushes...I can only explain it as if it were something not meant to be seen by human eyes. but after that I went back in and sat down...after a while just trying to figure out what just happened I let it go...after that...WHOOSH...I started thinking about the chaos theory, the theory that as we see bacteria in a petri dish squiggling around just trying to further the species and how little we think about there lives,how many we kill a day, how seemingly meaningless they are to us...then it hit me we could be something in something much biggers petri dish...then I saw earth as through a huge microscope...I saw all sides of it , it was spinning so fast ...it started as a blue ball of ocean and faster than I can comprehend but I will explain it as best I can...It was spinning I saw volcanic eruptions making land I saw organisms evolve before my eyes ...single celled organisms evolved down many paths turning into trees and reptiles as all this was happening the earths rotation slowed and I saw erosion as newly formed mountains slowly wore down and trees died and made soil and new life sprouted from the old,dinosaurs all hunting and eating and dyig before my eyes...I saw the comet the Ice age the EXTINCTION,mammals man hunting them, man learning it's environment. to use it to man's advantage early agriculture,villages turning into cities roads ,wars, then came highways,automobiles,fashion and man losing touch with the world...beginning to destroy it...then the "microscope" focused on a scared little kid sitting in a chair crying his eyes out with this realization...then the boy smiled...and I was back in my body...as I had left it just not the same person within...and it was 17 hours later....

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