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It's Breathing Weird

I thought this past earth day would be a wonderful time to trip.

I thought this past earth day would be a wonderful time to trip. How appropriate! Anyway, after school i went to a friends house and ingested about 1.5 gms of psilobin c. with a tall frosty glass of orange juice (for the vitamin C). I was the only one tripping this time, the rest of them just wanted to watch and see what I acted like (it was our first encounter with shrooms). I waited for about an hour before anything interesting happened.

The trip started with me getting cold. I could definitly feel my body tempature going down. I curled up with a blanket and sat back in my friends Lazy Boy. I started at the ceiling for a good half hour. The tiles above me started to become uneven in their different levels. They started to sink into the ceiling and come out of the ceiling toward me, and they would switch places by sliding beside each other. The best example i could use describe this is like a puzzle that you need to slide pieces around to make a picture.
After i got bored with this I turned my attention to the their family dog that was resting at my feet. I found the dog amusing in the fact that it's belly started to inflate a little more each time it breathed. The dog's stomach looked like a big balloon. It was breathing in the same rhythm as I was. I looked at my friend and told him that his dog was breathing all weird. He looked at me and started cracking up. Seeing him laugh made me start to giggle, and it got to the point where I couldn't control myself any longer. I sat at the computer and started putting different screen savers on my friend's computer. I found all of these very funny. After I went into another room for a while I started to come down. The last kewl thing I saw was when I gave my friend a piece of cinnamon gum and every time he chewed I saw his mouth glow a bright red color. We drove around for a while after that and nothing else interesting happened.

Can't wait to do it again...
Trip Happy


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