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~Heaven's Cloud's~

Ok it was about 9:00 AM and the night before i got some shrooms that were called heavens clouds.

Ok it was about 9:00 AM and the night before i got some shrooms that were called heavens clouds. They were very disgusting. Well anyway i will tell you of heavens clouds and the amazing experience. First i was sitting there and i watched as the walls appeared to slowly breath and the swelled in and out and the pictures on the walls melted away into a burnig evaporation. Then as the walls were completely clear, the swelling began to intensify and the wals swirled with colors of bright and mysterious tones. All of a sudden it all turned black. And a strange drum beat started and ass it got louder colors would follow its beat. and then it felt as if i was being sucked in this whole the drums began to get faster and the walls and colors of this tube i was racing threw began to fly by me so quickly that i began to melt myselfand my body seperated into long strands of liquid flying threw a musical tube of insane delight. Then the tunnel ended and my liquified body landed on a grate and seperated into millions of cubes. As my body in little peices fell to the ground i realized why i was here. It was so apparent yet i did not understand it. It was like it was complicated yet simple at the same time. Then as my body hit the ground it collected. Now i appeared to be inside a big bubble. I was floating inside it. I began to lose my hands. They converted to fins as did my legs. My whole body was turning into a fish-like creature. Now i was a fish floating around i felt free like nothing before. This went on for it felt like hours. Then i flew out of the water and straight up to the sky. I flew faster than light. And as i reached the end of the sky it hit me as hard as landing on concrete from a ten foot drop. The buzz was gone.

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