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WTF... Is all I can say

Ok lets start this story off by letting you guys know some of the facts.

Ok lets start this story off by letting you guys know some of the facts.

I had never tripped in any way before. At this time the only drugs i had ever tried were X and pot.

I was always curious about shrooms but never made an attempt to try them.

My parents went out of town and asked me to watch over my little bros. The elder of the two (18) had been try to find some magic in a bag as we called it that evening. We called everyone and couldn't find anything, being early february in Illinois and there was like a foot of snow on the ground. his buddy calls him back and says i have a little baggy left you can have it for 20. It ended up being a little under an eighth of stems and crushed gills it looked like. The three of us split it up equally and downed it. i remember it tasting like crumbled up sunflower seeds that had gone bad. The amount was small. It took up about 1/3 of the back of a credit card not piled too high. it was basically a pile of shake on the back of a credit card.

thinking that it was only going to cause a body buzz we decided to start cooking ribs on a rotisserie that i had just bought. Toss the ribs into a pot of boiling water and left them to cook...

Standing out on the back deck i started to feel a little funny... a bit dizzy, spacy, loose jointed... I ran inside to tell my girlfriend who was in a bathtub that i felt a little funny. we shrugged it off to the body buzz we were expecting.

i went back outside to where my little bro was and we got into a deep conversation about how the stars were so bright. I then look over to my little brothers face and his pupils seemed to kinda jump off of his eye eyeballs as he sharply opened them while describing something(he always talks with his eyes, facily descriptive). A bit startled by this i took a step back from him. he asked if i was ok and i explained to him that his pupils were jumping off his face so he kept on opening his eyes really wide, on purpose, and they kept jumping off his face. we then got amuse by this.

I look out over the snow and it starts to move about and slosh around like we were standing on a boat floating in an ocean of whipped cream. this made me hungry. facinated by the whipped cream i knelt down and tried to pick some up in my hand. All i got was the crunch of hard snow... that snapped me back to reality for a minute where i thought to myself holy shit AM I TRIPPIN!

we get back into the house and my youngest brother who was sober wanted to finish the ribs. he was hungry. so the brother that was trippin with me and i took the meat out of the boiling water and placed it on a piece of aluminum foil on the counter. The ribs began to pulsate like a breathing lung... I became afraid of the lung pulsating on the crawling aluminum foil and ran upstairs into my old bedroom at my parent's house as for some odd reason i felt safe there. The brother that was trippin, nick, chased me up the stairs to where i was hiding but he couldn't see me because it was dark. So all i saw was the siloette of a troll in the doorway. Someone turned on the light i all was suddenly ok again... but what an emotional rollercoaster.

I go back to the kitchen because the sober bro, ryan, wanted to know how to finish the ribs. He was hungry. I took the first skewer and the pulsating lung into my hand. I place the sharp end of the skewer up to the lung and then for some odd reason i couldn't push the skewer into the meat. i could put it against the meat but i couldn't pirece it. I look over at ryan and my girlfriend with this look and feeling of helplessness and failure. I said to the "I can't do it???" I couldn't do it... I then proceeded to explain to ryan how to do it because i could not... again i retreated to my old room where i felt safe. on my way there i saw what looked like the outlines of small pigs running around the floor of the house. at this point i had completely lost control of all my emotions, thoughts, ability to reason, and or think rationally. Ryan then came into the room knowing that i was a little freaked out talked me into coming into his room where he had all of us sitting in the dark. he turned on the TV and what he had cued was the cartoon scene of Who Framed Roger Rabbit when they first break into toon town. Suddenly i found myself surrounded by toon town. No shit i'm not joking... snapped out of it a couple of minutes later.

Well then moved down stairs to the kitchen again were the wood grain on the cabinets began to move outward in a 3-d kinda looking way. By this point i began to feel nautious and declared to everyone in the room that was with me that i would never do this again.

Went went back upstairs again to lay down and i stared to come off of it after a little bit.

The next day we all sat down a talked out the experience and came to realize that it was one of the most fun moments of our lives. looking back on the events that took place were absolutely histerical to all of us. it is still the root of a lot of our inside jokes. now i didn't go into any kind of detail of the accounts of the others i was with because i would have been typing forever.

It was a ton of fun and i've done it a bunch of times since. Thanks magical mushroom gods for opening my eyes to a whole other world that is a lot of fun!

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