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WrOTe whIlE SHrooMIn

Falling falling.

Falling falling...deep colored hole what the hell is that flashing business. I walk up to the plant and talk for seemingly many hours until I fall into a holy hypnotic trance. I can control my whole body. I can talk to animals. Telepathy. NOne of my friends have opened their mouths in 25 minutes yet I know every word that they think.
My cat is walking up to me and I can feel its heat. In its mouth is a mouse which he had caught from outside. Still breathing the shining mouse's tail swayed with each step of my cat. It was cut badly. We thought about feeding it some shrooms but instead I talked to him and told him it would be alright. I gave him a peice of cheese but he did not move to eat it so I looked at the ceiling of this room I'm in right now and I could see all the stars. I climbed the bedpost and slid across the bed jumped up billions of miles in the air and landed on jupiter. WHat the hell I'm on jupiter its orange and red and I can barely breath . I'm swimming in its gaseous oceans. The gas is shiny colors I wish you could join me. Neon green aliens with penises 100's of feet long tied me up and shoot me back into my house with a note in my own language on my hand. Don't feed the aliens?????? Maybe I shouldn't do shrooms any more. But they're so good. I'm still gonna shroom. This computer is impossible to look at. The words move around. I've been tripping for about 4 hours and I've been typing for about 1 and a half hours altogether. It is so impossible to type while on these things. OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!shit that mouse is crawling away I can't let it go away yet. Let's feed it some shrooms we have over a QP left. That mouse will trip so hard off of one little mushroom. Here you go little mouse. He'll eat it later. I put the mouse, the cheese and the shroom on a plate and put it outside surrounded by rocks. I'm gonna stop for a while.

The mouse ate the shroom. I think he's tripping. He must be so messed up. I ate the shrooms about 6 hours ago and I think my peak is leveling off. I was too screwed up to type more and I think im gonna stop now. I love these things.

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