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It's all good!

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I was bored so I decided, what the hell.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I was bored so I decided, what the hell... I go to a small college in Virginia right on the atlantic ocean (I mean RIGHT on the ocean- we have our own beach, dock, etc). I ate a little more than half an eigth with some juice (I love the taste!) and drove to school (about 20 minutes away). I brought my fishing pole and tackle box do attempt some fishing. Knowing that I wouldn't cath anything, or would never actually want to fish I brought a foiled meal (chicken, vegetables, gralic and butter all wrapped in foil to throw on a fire).

I got to a somewhat isolated part of the beach that's really just a strip of sand in front of some woods. I started fishing and after about 10 minuted I noticed that the sand on the beach was sort of undulating like the road does at the surface on really hot days. I knew it was starting, and just then this weird southern "townie" who looks like he hasn't showered, shaved or done anything to enhance his personal hygiene since Reagan came up to me and offer me fishing advice. He was accompanied by his two redneck children, a boy who seemed to have worms coming out of his head and a girl who trampled in the water and talked with such a thick southern accent I could barely understand her.

As I just fish for fun and don't know much, I didn't give three shits about what he said, and his worm spewing son sort of freacked me out. They said they's be back in an hour and would help me out. I said "great" and ran like mad as soon as they turned away. I found a more isolated spot and I could tell the shrooms were really kicking in. I took off my shirt and laid on the beach. I laid there for a while and had great thoughts for what seemd like forever (of course). I started playing in the sand as I laid there and had a wonderful time. The sand on this beach is really small rocks of various shapes and sizes. Not very fine at all, which was perfect. The colors they radiated were absolutely beautiful. It was about 6 pm or so and the sun was hitting them at a perfect angle. I remember looking at them and thinking how beautiful the patterns were and why there wasn't any blankets or wallpaper that used this pattern and color scheme. It could be called "beach." Yeah, I was pretty much retarded, but loved it.

I remember swirling my hand in a circle along the sand and thinking that every swirl was like the passage of one year as we experience a new layer of people, places emotions (rocks on the beach) with each swirl of my hand, but also some are left behind each year. It made perfect sense at the time.

Then I could here the sound of the waves receding and the air bubbles coming to the surface of the sand that was just covered in water and realized it was the earth breathing. The main theme of this trip was mostly how everything is intertwined and connected in perfect harmony.

As I was lying there thinking of something bizarre I'm sure, I heard this repeating pattern of strange shuffling/crunching for what seemed like 20 minutes, and then realized that it was footsteps and someone was coming. At first I got a little scared that someone would see me all fucked up, but then I thought that would just lower the wondrousness of my trip so I though, fuck it! Who cares what anyone thought. So I just laid there. It was some guy who was going crabbing in the water. He saw me with my fishing pole on the ground (I had abondonned the idea long ago). He said, "gave up fishing, huh?" And I told him that I tried, but I couldn't because it was such a beatiful night (thinking it must surely be dark by then). Of course, when I opened my eyes it was broad daylight. Oh well.

The guy was crabbing and then just sat on the beach about 20 yards from me. I watched him for a bit and then realized he might be uncomfortable with me staring at him. So I tinkered around a bit and enjoyed the trip. Later after a few hours (really this time) He was packing up ready to leave, which was great because I wanted to build a fire and eat my dinner, but didn't want to share the experience with anyone else. So he packed up and came over and sat near me. This is when I got a little freaked out. I noticed that he had this weird haircut. It was short all around, but shaved in the back from his neck up to about parallel to the top of his ears! Very strange indeed.

Then he started talking to me in this southern accent and I tried desperately not to laugh. Then he started asking me these questions and I thought I should be nice, but didn't really want to have a conversation with him. It was about dusk and he started getting weird. He started telling me how he comes there almost every week and that not many people go there alone. THAT freaked me out. I immediately started hearing the dueling banjoes theme (der ner ner ner, ner ner, ner ner ner- at least humm it to yourself!) from the movie Deliverance. I really was NOT in the mood to squeal like a pig so I tried desperately to end the conversation. It was like I was at home and he was one of those guests who overstay their welcome and you just hope will leave soon.

Well I finally got him to leave by pretending to leave myself, but as soon as he did I sat back down and enjoyed a nice fire, good food and a wonderful night under the stars. I've shroomed a few times before and let me say that there's nothing like nature. Watching psychadelic movies, etc is cool, but go hang out wit mom in the wilderness and see what it's like. It's all good!

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