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Wow! Part 1!

Last Friday night at about 7:45 my roommate D and my boy P all decided to eat some of my homegrown cubies that have been under way since late November.

Last Friday night at about 7:45 my roommate D and my boy P all decided to eat some of my homegrown cubies that have been under way since late November. My other friend J decided not to eat any. I sold P and D each 3 1/2 dry grams. I ate 5 dry grams. At 7:45pm I put my shrooms in the blender with sunny delight and a ground up vitamin c pill. The concoction had a very nasty "dry shroom" taste. We sat and waited, by 7:55 I was tripping my ass off. A lot of weird things were happening to me. I started to feel really really scared. The hallucinations were starting to pick up. They were just the usual. Everything in my line of vision was twisting and contorting. I couldn't bring myself to sit down because I felt really antsy. So instead I kept moving in and out of my bedroom, outside then back in, etc. My body was extremely messed up. I was having entirely too much trouble walking around. Every doorway i went through I bumped and damn near knocked my self down. After about thirty minutes of complete confusion and the inability to explain anything in words to my friends I started seeing the clear air ripple and vibrate all across the house. Then the vibrations seemed to take me by my head and pull me across the room in whatever direction they were going. I was really starting to feel terrible. Everyone else was laughing and having a pretty good time but I couldn't. Laughter wasn't a thing I could even pretend to do. My friends and I were unable to communicate with eachother. All we could do was through out sentence fragments that really made sense to no one but the person saying it. I tried to get in a better mood but there was no chance the mushrooms had my mind. I went outside on the back porch and was rubbing my face My hands and ears all felt out of proportion with the rest of my body. when I covered my face with my hands I felt my face stretch out about two feet in front of me. I felt like the guy in the attic on Beetlejuice after they came back from the other side. Anyway I was trying so hard to regroup. I went back into the house. I looked at my friends and they all had colors and lights radiating from their silhouettes. Then I couldn't figure out who any of them were. I would look at J and think it was actually P. Or I would look at P and think he had D's personality. The funny thing is all of us were like this. We kept seeing ourselves and the other frinds when we looked at eachother. By this time none of us were speaking English. It was more like our own little language of mushroom. The walls of my apartment were starting to freak me out because they were like superimposed closer than they actually were and kept closing in on me. The panic and terror was coming in sort of rushes for the first hour. I would feel really out of control and scared then it would die down a little bit and I could relax. Then it would come back again even harder. I felt like I couldn't get away from what was scaring me.

I will continue this report another time I am out of time!

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