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Worst possible set and setting I can think of

NOTE* Before consumtion of shrooms I ate 1,000 MG of vitamin C 9:00 Friend picks me up and we go over to mutual friends' house for a concert in the backyard.

NOTE* Before consumtion of shrooms I ate 1,000 MG of vitamin C
9:00 Friend picks me up and we go over to mutual friends'
house for a concert in the backyard...sort of indie hardcore.
9:05 Other mutual friend arrives with 4-5 grams for all of us.
9:06 Consumtion
9:30 Cops show up and we have to run out the side window(by this time I am starting to trip). The cops showing up was a complete buzzkill, and I thought that I might not trip very hard.
10:00 (Now this is when my memory starts to get really hazy) I remember looking at my phone and seeing the time then looking in a mirror and seeing a lepracuan looking back at me...This is about when I started to trip my fucking balls off
10:20 I am talking to an old girlfriend and all of a sudden I can't focus quite right on her face......For some reason it looks like there is more than one layer of skin on her face. All of a sudden I see her skin, her muscle, and her bone layers were all floating aorund her face. And that is when I started to get a little sick.
10:25-10:30 My jaw pops and freaks me out really badly
10:40 Cops show up again at house and stay this time, so we run out the back and go to my friend's truck to chill out.
10:50 I am crammed into the backseat of a two door truck with my ex on across for me
11:20 I suddenly realize where I am and think and feel as if I were a continuation of the back seat.....it feels as though I am imbeaded IN the chair.
11:25 I really have lost all sence of being, whatever that was at the time
11:30 we get out of the truck and I realize that I am infront of my friend's house, but I feel like I am laying down even though ive been walking for like 5 minutes. I still feel like I am back in the truck.
11:40 I try to shrug off fear of not knowing where I was by trying to focus on show...................not really working
12:10 I HAVE TO GO HOME!? Wait, how am I getting home? My friend comes over and starts talking to me-I know that I have to go and that he is taking me home, but I can't really quite grasp what he is exactly saying.
12:30 I get home and go straight to my room-passing my parents room, which I kept on thinking I was hearing having sex.
1:00 I try to get some sleep, but I have the TV on and I can't see what is on, or what it is saying, I start to feel really sick, the only adjectives to describe my feeling at the time were "toxic shroom"
1:30 trying to look up something on the internet about mushroom poisoning, I can't read the screen. And I keep on thinking that I won't stop tripping.
(I don't know if anyone else feels like this when they are tripping, but time goes on really slowly, for me every hour is like 3 hours, so feeling like this for a half an hour sucks!)
2:30 thinking that if I sleep I will die, thats all I can focus on...it doesn't even occur to me that I could be on a bad trip-I feel like I have been poisoned, I can't feel my heartbeat. I keep running around my room not really realizing that I am moving from my bed.
3:00 I am shocked that I have made it this far........I keep thinking that I need to call 911.....that I have overdosed on shrooms.
3:30 I am in such dull pain that I can not stand to sit there in my bed for one more minute.
3:35 I decide that if I am poisoned I need to throw up what I have eaten...after throwing up I see no shrooms in my trashcan.
3:40 I lay in my bathtub for a couple minutes because I can't stop sweating an outrageous cold sweat.
3:50 FUCK ME, "mom, mom, I think that I might need to go to...the...ah, the hospital."
"I think I may have overdosed on shrooms."(thinking about this now I can't help but laugh, but then.....different story)
"No, your just having a bad trip"
"Will you check my vitals though"
"ya lemme see"
3:40 my mom, MY MOM, talks to me about my trip and I start to feel more relaxed, and my body high suddenly comes.
4:00 I have a really good body high and I can start to understand an actual conversation.
4:10 MY body high is really intense and im starting to have a really good and easy trip.
4:20 my hallucinations seem to be going down to a point that I can understand what is going on around me, and my sweating has stopped.
4:30 My mom starts turning in and out of a lizard type form, and it also looks like she has a ciggarette when she moves her hands.
4:40 My hallucinations are gone, for the most part...waves here and there
5:00 My body high starts to lower to a mild one
5:30 sleep overtakes me and I fall asleep

The next day I felt like I had gone through a washing machine, and had developed a pretty big fear of shrooms. At the time I was very uneducated about shrooms, and was alone for the majority of the peak. The constant breaking in of the cops and the concert made me feel very out of place as if I shouldn't be where I was, which is why I kept thinking I really was somewhere else. The vitamin C I think contributed to the fact that my hallucinations were so intense. My memory was pretty scattered, and there are some things I don't exactly remember.......I think because of the feeling that I was somewhere else physically for large portions of time have something to do with it.

Sorry for any SP errors, and I just want to say "READ BEFORE YOU EAT!"
If you don't know alot about shrooms, or what you know is based off of friends, don't trip...especially if those friends are tripping with you, the worst set and setting is misinformation.

Happy shroomin'

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