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Worst night of my life... K.L.

On a booring saterdaynight Alex and I decided to eat some mushrooms to kill our boredome.

On a booring saterdaynight Alex and I decided to eat some mushrooms to kill our boredome. I called Juelian up from alex's house because he new a dealer with some AWSOME shrooms. Juelian called the dealer and alex juelian and I all walked down town to get to meet the dealer. We stopped at the bank and got $50, then we met the dealer and got 9 grams... that dosnt realy sound like alot for 2 people (just alex and I ate them) but they were realy good mushrooms. Any way we went back to alexs house and dustin was sitting there playing on alexs computer so we were all hanging out to geather waiting for alexs parents to go to bed, at about 9:00 we decided fuck it well just eat them befor they go to bed cuz they will take a wile to kick in and we have talked to alexs parents while we were on mush befor a cuple times, so we just cut them up and devided as evenly as we could with out weighing them between alex and I
(thats about 4.5 grams each) then we ate them and about 10 minuits after that his parents went to bed, so alex and i went up stairs to watch tv to kill time befor they kicked in. about 30 minuits after we went up stairs we started to feel them quite a bit so we went down stairs to see what juelian and dustin were doing. They were listing to pink ployd on the computer so we just sat with them and listened. after about another 20 minuits i was geting prety high and so was alex, all the sudden alex got up and said he felt sick and went to the washroom and puked. I didnt. The night went on and i kept getting higher and higher. the hallucinations were getting more and more intense and i started getting scared. Juelian and dustin thought it might help me to calm down if we went for a walk i agreed as best as i could(I could hardly talk it was more like mumbled jibberish) I walked to the back door and i opened it and walked out juelian was talkin to alex and alex wanted to stay home. Dustin pulled me back in to the house and told to to put shoes and a jacket on because it was winter. i couldnt even do that. They put my shoes on for me and i stumbled out the door with out the jacket, juelian and dustin followed me out and put the jacket on me and zipped it up. we walked about a half a block and i decided to go back and they came back with me. we made it to the side of the house where the gate is and thats when... the whole world crashed arrounnd me.I stopped and leaned against the fence i couldnt handle what was goin on inside my mind i cant decricbe the horror i felt or the emotional pain. i started melting into the fence and feeling sick, I wanted to puke but i couldnt and i knew it wouldnt help. I rember berring my face in my twisting hands and wanting to die tho end the intense horror that i was faced with. we walked in to the house and i got Realy tird and laid on the floor by the door and they asked what i was doing and i was just too tird to walk so i craled to the spare room and got on the bed and i was just laying in the room on the bed then juelian who was just in alexs room seeing how he was doing came in and when he came in he opened the door all the way and the closet which is closse to the door was open and the tops of the doors wich would be about 4 feet away from each other streched up to touch eatcher and they melted togeather. juelian walked over to me his limbs were long skinny and streched looking his nose grew and shrunk his head was growing and shrinking and streaching in the weirdst way he sat down beside me and asked if i was ok, i said that i was realy tird but didnt want to go to sleep bucause i wouldnt wake up. I had this knowing feeling that i was dieing and wouldnt wake up if i fell asleep. I was melitng in to the bed and in to juelian the walls were breathing and melting the whole room was a horrifying, twisting, melting, moving, bending, and breathing mess with me in the middle it was like it was consuming me. Juelian tried to have a conversation with me i dont rember about what but i couldnt have had a conversation with any one one about anything. eventualy he got me to leave and go to alexs room, i cralled there and colapsed on the floor with juelian alex and dustin arround me they told me to draw a picture so i could see it in the morning and i rember thinking that if i go to sleep i wouldnt see the morning and i started to get more and more tird to the point where i couldnt hold my eyes open but some how i managed, some how i figured no matter the saverity of the bad trip it would be better than death. I just sat with my friends and waited for the trip to end. when i finally came down i felt a new respect for life and solid reality. That morning I decided that drugs could take me to a new world of thinking and prespective and that they would no longer be a part of my life.

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