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It all makes sense to me now

My first trip came to me as a suprise.

My first trip came to me as a suprise. My friend, "Barry" was already experiencing a trip of his own when he found out that I had never eaten them before. He saw it as his mission to help me out. Since Barry had plenty for himself(and probably partially because of his mindset) he decided to give me an eighth for free.

A bit later, I went home and was watching a football game. It was late in the evening, probably around 11PM when i decided to eat them. I chose not to eat the whole sack for my first time, and ate about 2 grams. Within about 30 minutes, I began to feel slightly light headed and decided to go for a walk.

Right next to my house, there's a large cow field that blankets a large valley. I decided this would be the best place to come up. It was a very clear, cold night and the sky was dotted with numerous stars. I recall the first time I really felt the effects of the shrooms was when I gazed across the field to a tree line. The outline seemed extra sharp and crisp, and I felt that the trees were somehow connected with me. Next, I looked back to the stars. One individual star would either change color to blue or red, then shoot across the sky. I continued my walk for about 15 mintues before the cold winter night chased me back inside.

While back on the couch, my mind started to soar. I was experiencing trails now (say you wave your hand in front of your face and a visual smear is left behind). The football game became way more intense as the players seemed to move way too fast and would all blend in to one white blur, before breaking back apart frantically. These visuals, along with the thoughts that went through my head such as how everything in the world is connected and just a strong sense of understanding are what I remember most about the trip.

Time passed very fast, and at about 3AM my mom woke up and came into the TV room. I remember I was just heading back to my room when I ran into her. I explained that I was heading to bed and I would see her in the morning. I remember becoming very afraid that she would find out that I was tripping, and thoughts of drug rehab and even prison raced through my head. I laid in bed with the lights off for the rest of the night. Eventually I fell asleep, waking up in the morning to find that my mom had no clue what was up, and with an unforgetable experience.

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