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Wooooahhhh Insaine

Wow where to start.

Wow where to start...
Ok here goes something.
This last friday night me, my wife, and a good friend *Bleep* figued we would dose up on some shrooms.. I ate 4 grams of the magic fungus *VERY POTENT FUNGUS MAY I ADD* *bleep* ate 4 and my wife ate 3. well i was the first to start my trip and it came on WAY to fast.. i started to blank out and had to turn on lights to get some normalization in the room.. then ended up pukin up the magic.. so i layed down and said "uhh i think im gonna sleep it off" (YA FUCKIN RIGHT) i started out to be a horrid trip.. and i kept trying to hold reality and that wasent helping my situation at all.. my wife thought i was going to die (and i felt like i was going insaine). my ears felt like everything was seeping out and i was melting into my bed, my arms,legs,hands,and my feet all felt detatched, so i gave in to the fungus and it all started to make sense *kind of* it was like i had to figure something out before i was able to so anything ever again.. thats when all hell broke loose in my head.. (you ever see Beavis and Butthead the movie? when they ate the payotee??) thats about what it was like.. and my eyes were shut. i began seeing snake looking ropes that were multi colored and were intertwining with eachother.. then BOOM out of body.. im not sure if my wife and *beep* knew if i was ok but i knew it would all end up being ok with everyone.. on my little out of body trip i met some really neat people and eventually figured out that i needed to just let go of reality and go with it, when i came back to really real land i ended up talking about things i never knew existed in my head.. i could head colors and see sound, everything was so beautiful. when i regained control of all my body parts i got out of bed (which i was in for 6 hours 4 of which i was out cold)and played with the glowsticks.. and everything was still breathing. finally about the 8th hour everything SEEMED to be back to normal and i was able to crash out.. when i woke up later that next day i went outside.. EVERYTHING seemed to be calling me, all the colors seemed to be brighter than ever. soo in the end it was a hella good trip and would like to have another as soon and my farm gets going well...

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