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Im a 15 year old male.

Im a 15 year old male.
so this was my first time trying shrooms, and i went ahead and decided to eat 5 grams all to myself. Withen 30 minutes i was running down the street screaming. I could talk faster than you can even imagine. The stripes on the shirt i was wearing started to criss-cross, and move around. This was just the beggining. Withen an hour, I was certain the apocalypse was about to come. I started to see things that were totally not there. Me, and the two other guys i was with got extreamly lost. Somehow, we got on the other side of town, and we had no idea how we got there. At the peak of my trip, We stumbled upon a crack house full of drunk people, and acid-trippers. THAT was not good for my trip, i started to cry, and scream that the world is over. When i finally got back to the house, i yelled at a brick wall for 10 minutes, and the next thing i knew it, I was in a car on the way to my -own- house. When i got there, i started walking in circles, then eventually lost control of my bladder, and peed everywhere. My mom called the ambulance, and then i was at the hospital. STILL tripping out. I got my stomache pumped, a tube shoved up my penis, and 7 injections of medication. When i finally woke up, I was sent to the Phyciatric ward of the hospital. What i saw that night will haunt me forever. THis was the first, and last time I have shrooms.


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