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Wish You Were There

I love to trip, leave my mind behind, forget about responsibilities and see life as it should be .

I love to trip, leave my mind behind, forget about responsibilities and see life as it should be ..... BEAUTIFUL!!! I have tried "shrooms" three other times. The first two - nothing, the third was kewl, lights, music, love... but the FOURTH... holy s..t!

I never believed anyone who had told me they hallucinated before. Having tried acid, mescaline, x, shrooms, etc... I have seen a little but WHOA horsey, this was great.

Let me say they were given to me as a xmas present about 4 grams dried. The spores were purchased from "PSYLOCYBE FANATICUS" and home grown. My boyfriend who has never tripped hard, left his mind or body finally got to experience this, and I got something I never bargained for but will be in search of the rest of my life.

With only 4 grams dried (:-( I had to share. I'm 5'7 140 lbs, and my boyfriend is 6'2 320 lbs. I didn't think that splitting the six shriveled tiny shrooms my buddy gave me would do much. We were sitting in bed, at 5:55 PM I took three, ate them real good yuck I know, but I want the FULL affect... and gave my b/f three. I wanted them all so he didn't eat his, he gave me another. At 6:15 (20min later) I told him I could "see the air". Wow that quick, I had no idea what I was in for. I got my b/f to finally eat the other two. (Please keep in mind, these were dry and about the size of a smoke if that). I have taken two handfulls of picked ones and NEVER got close to what happened.

When it hit me, I got sick and asked for a trash can, but I never actually puked. I put on trance/trippin music and layed on my bed, belly down for about the first 1 1/2 hours. My mind saw images, relived moments, I got to travel through time in my mind, and every now and then I would slip into the utter blackness, where the only thing there was, were the lights dancing to the music. It was what I referred to as my 'happy place' and I wanted to stay there. But my mind kept traveling from different times, I wasn't sure if they were from this lifetime, my mind was confused, all I know is they were memories that surfaced.

I finally felt well enough to get up..... HAHHHHH I couldn't walk... everything looked strange like a movie that had every other clip taken out of it. The ceiling was not attatched to the walls, and everything looked like a time warp tunnel. My kitty was made of water and kept flowing, or looking like she was breathing in and out, but the kewlest were the lights, how BRIGHT and dancing. I have a area rug with lots of patterns, the lights flowed in the lines of the rug, it was so dam kewl.

The only part of my trip that was not enlightening was pretty bad, not for me but for my b/f. First he couldnt handle the trip ( PLEASE LISTEN PEOPLE ) he is 320 lbs and only ate two tiny shriveled shrooms, be careful with your dosage, I myself want to travel to another realm of consciousness.... but that is for later... anyways, he was laying on the couch and I came to sit next to him and help him out of his bad trip. ( I believe bad trips are only for people who cannot leave their minds behind, it's your mind and you can control it, and the fun part is NOT controlling it, let it go, let it flow).

Anywho, I keep getting off the subject, he was laying down and when I looked at him, there was so much saddness in him it was utterly disguisting. Then I saw a dark fluid (he shaves his head bald) start seeping from the back left part of his head, down to his eyebrow where it kind of split and kept oozing down. This is kinda gross, but it is what happened, the most prominent event was the snot bubbling and coming out of his right nostil and drool from his open mouth, he looked sad, not in pain, but knowing he was dying. I jumped off the couch, he looked at me and said "You aren't gonna believe what just happened to me, I saw myself" I cut him off, I wanted him to write down what he saw and me too so we could compare, but instead I looked at him from across the room ( I jumped up remember ) and said I knew what he saw. We exchanged memories, he had been shot in the back of the head, more to one side and I held his head as he was dying. But please let me say this did NOT make my trip bad. It's life folks, we all die, and if that is how he is going to die, I am happy and jealous, because there was no pain associated with it, from my viewpoint or his. I'm not sadistic, I just don't wanna feel any pain when I die.

Needless to say, he pretty much stayed on the couch, and I have a rule, if you trip bad I AM NOT BABYSITTING, I REPEAT AGAIN I AM NOT BABYSITTING. As cruel as it sounds, I went back to the bedroom put on some "Linkin Park" whom I had just met a few weeks earlier (that was kewl, I got pics and made them into xmas cards) anyways, I jammed out chilled, enjoyed all the beauty in existance, let all the hate go, saw how lovely everthing was from the state of mind I was in.

So, since this awesome experience (it lasted about 4 strong hours about midnight I could feel myself coming down :-( I myself have purchased the same spores from the same company, had my buddy come over and we made the mixture and I innogulated them in the following am. They are now 20 days in the jars and about ready for their birthday!!!!! I AM NOT CHARGING MY FRIENDS FOR ANY OF THESE.... As they sprout I am giving them out fresh (they are supposed to be a LOT stronger fresh) I am just hoping the spores were as good as my buddies, because I want all my friends to see what I did. The hallucinations were so overwhelming and beautiful, I wish I could share them with all of you.

One last footnote real quick, I am in no way a Doctor or in any part of the medical field, but there is always this warning "if you have any kind of mental condition... i.e. depression etc.. don't use any psychoactive drugs" I say BULLS..T ON THEM. I am depressed and given wellbutrin and xanax and I am MUCH better after I have an out of body and see the beauty in the world. How could that make anyone more depressed. My b/f had a bad trip and I'm sorry for him, but it's your mind people, not the drug, your mind will see and feel what you let it, you are in control, even when your not, if you want to be. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but they only time I thought I was having a bad trip is the first time I did acid and I was scared cause I didn't know what that feeling was.

Nothing can compare to our friend the sacred mushroom, NOTHING... that's as far as I'm concerned. For all you voyagers out there, have fun, relax, don't panic and see the beauty for once, not the ugliness that has filled the earth i.e. sept 11th.

I tripped by myself basically and had a blast.... Good luck to all and if you order from the formentioned company in this writing, please start on a small dose, even if you have ate 10grams at once, start with one fresh or two dried shrooms...

Good shroomin to all... and to my friends, as soon as my babies grow... instead of "wishing you were here" you will be. I plan on listening to the dark side of the moon and watching wizard of oz on my comedown or half baked...


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