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this trip all started with three friend and an ounce of shrooms, chillin at my buddys place with no parents.

this trip all started with three friend and an ounce of shrooms, chillin at my buddys place with no parents. at this time we were unaware of the effects of shrooms. so we didnt no how much we needed to take to feel it or how long it took to kickin or how long it lasted. so we all started by taking a half of a gram, within ten minutes nobody felt nothing. so we decided to up the doseage. so each of us took a gram and a half then waited another tem minutes, and we didnt feel shit. we were pissed we felt as if we got ripped off. so we continued to eat them and up the doseage.the next time we took two and a half grams. so by this time we had waited a total of 30mins before we had taken the first doseage. and non of us knew what we were in for. about eight minutes after we took the 2 and a half grams my buddy told me he felt as if he had just woken up from a deep sleep. and as soon a my buddy had finished talkin i felt an unbelivieable sensation come over my body. it felt as if i was beein held up in the air by angles. but it was diffrent for my other buddy , as soon as he felt it he dashed into his house and went into the bathroom. we didnt know wut the fuck was wrong we were trippin out large, so we jolted inside started kockin on the bathroom door and askin wat was wrong. he replied "im dieing" and opened the door. his nose was bleeding and we all started to freak out. the my friend (not helping the situation) says " i heard that when you take mushrooms your brain swells up and bleeds" then my friend wit the nose bleed started going crazy. so i ran to the freezer and grabbed ice. he put it on his nose fo about 2mins and it stoped we were relieved. finnaly we had relized that the shrooms were extremely potent and feared that we took too much. so we all sat down on the couch and stared a a blank tv screen. the high felt as if it was going down and we were sobering up. so we decided to go blaze some crons to bring the high back a little bit.it brang it back alright. wen we finished blazin we came out of the garage (note:this trip was happenig durring the summer)we looked out on his lawn and say pure snow everywhere and we all started to feel extremely cold. but for some reason we didnt care we started to jump around and play with the snow we were incredably amazed. so finaly we decided to get our jacket and gloves and shit. so we went in sid for about 5mins and wen we returned outside the snow was gone every bit of it. we all were kinda dissapointed that the snow was gone. then we relized that it was summer time and we must have been tripping out hard. som we all agreed that we should take more and see if the snow comes back. so we took a next 2.5 grams and waited to start the trip out. about half an hour passed and the effects were just starting. so we all put on our jakets and gloves and ran outside. there was no snow in site. so we decided to blaze some more. then just after finishing we all felt a cold sensation come over our bodies. we shivered. then we opened the garage and the snow was back so we all started to have a huge snowball fight and we all went to the back of his backyard laid on his picnic table and began to tripout. the next thing we knew we were all waking up the next morning. we were all sweating to shit with our jackets and gloves on. we all relized how fuckedup we were the night before and loved the experince.

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