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Wig the fuck out

The night started out at a Dave Matthews concert.

The night started out at a Dave Matthews concert. I went with my buddy chuck and we met a bunch of people from school , one of my dudes keith had some v-10's so i bot 2 and drank on some 151 before the show.The concert was great, and afterwards i was approached by a cracked out hippie fuck. He asked me if i wanted any shrooms , acid , rolls or K so I bought an 8th and 2 hits of buddah acid. In the car ride home i ate papers and about 45 minutes later i started very midly trippin , i ate teh 8th of these shrooms that were bright white with beautiful metallic gold caps , cylocibe just so fuckin blue and appearent throughout the caps , beautiful shrooms. After we got back into the burbs , we went to chill at my dude Bull's house , just a couple of guys smokin some blunts and sum dank budda. I chilled there for about an hour just trippin nuts havin a blast but things started to get reeeeaaal weird after some bong rips.My friend chris's head was shrinking and coming back to regular form so crazily i remember saying "dude stop it with the head thing ur weirdin me out" or some shit like that. We left bulls house and i began to get the overanxious feeling of anxiety. I started sweating and seeing full blown visual hallucinations. Trees came alive , cars were streaks of light until i eventually could barely even see . I began rasing my voice asking WHERE THE FUCK R WE GOING FUCKING HURRY UP shit like that but litlle did i know we were only driving about 3 or 4 miles. I got to my dude Chris's house and by then i was totally wigging out .Chris passed out and there doing i dont know what because i dont really remember vivid details except for big things. By this time i didnt even know i was on acid or shrooms , i didnt know i was tripping , i didnt even understand the concept of humankind. I began seeing numerical patterns of green numbers all over every object in the basement, leading me to come up with the theory that humans were sent to live to compleate a universal task that must be achieved by predisposed lifestyles. Humankind was not a race , but a force working together in unity to accomplish a task. I guess my friend ryan found me lying on the floor but i could not talk or even understand or comprehend the concept of conversing. I could not make out words or feel.I guess I blacked out for about 45 minutes and saw god and purgatory. The next thing i remember was ryan and chris trying to get me out of a catatonic state and i just kept asking "wats wrong with me why am i like this ? Why cant i see i think Im crazy what the fuck is wrong with me , Im dying I swear im dying help me!"I saw dead bodies in mass piles across the basement floor and lots of bugs , my friends faces would very quickly and almost unnoticibly morph to an evil image of satan or dead mutilation , justg fucked up shir like that . luckily ryan talked to me for about a half hour and got me to understand that i was in a heavey trip that i will eventually come out of and if i try to concentrate on the negativity it will only get worse. I was a bit skeptical at first but i eventually regained controol of my bodily senses and tryed to enjoy my tripit was still 90percent unreal visuals and i was still sweating heavily and felt alot of anxiety i enjoyed some visual patterns , at one point i was looking at a picture of mighty mouse that hung from the wall and he exited the picture and walked across the room and back into the picture. Aside from visual hallucinations , this was an extremely uncontrollable mental trip. I thought the most fucked up shit any human could and I questioned so many theorys and basis , i could not fully describe in words to another man the full reality of this trip but any of you level % trippers who dont lie about trips to sound like a badass know exactly what i mean

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