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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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well, i consumed 18-20 fresh grams of eqs.

well, i consumed 18-20 fresh grams of eqs. my first grow of any strain except pf classic. the prize specimen was five inches or so long and as big as a blunt. the cap was in between the size of a nickel and quarter, unopened, it weighed in at 11 grams.

well a few minutes before seven p.m. i downed em. by seven fifteen my body was buzzing and i became extremely giggly.
daydreaming becomes inevitable.

well by 7:50 i am in and out of touch with reality. tripping very very hard. so i start talking to my girlfriend , she said i was sweatting profusely so i decide i want to go outside. so we do. well we stay out there talking for like five minutes and then i decide i am in hell or condemned or something.

well i just fucking take off running down the street, no shirt, baggy khaki pants and no shoes. well about 70 yards down the road my pants start falling down this feels extremely weird i feel like the pants and i are one they dont fall off but peel off. i just ran strait out of them.
i got to a stopsign maybe 100yds away.and have nothing but boxers on . i decide to run back to the house. i felt like running to my hometown which is forty five minutes away.

well i come back in the house and Seinfeld is on. i hardly ever watch seinfeld . some episode about keys. this is not a good thing . seinfeld holds the keys to life??????

no more verbal communication for a while.

well for the next three hours or so i just run around house inside and out. in my boxers only.

i felt as if my life was over and i had no control over anything. which i don't. everything on tv was telling me about God. i kept hearing all kinds of shit in my head,.

everything i touched bible, pants, blankets ,bale of straw etc. felt as if i and the object were one.
overwhelming waves of energy entering my body the objects.

i also ran to a church located a few feet from my house and just started pulling on the doors. very hard. they wouldn't open. well i run back home the whole time i can hear my footsteps. still in my boxers.

well then i crouch down under a tree and ball up until my girlfriend finds me.

well for the rest of the time i just run around squeeling ,screeming ,kicking. i was feeling tremendous pain inside. pain for the whole world. agony.
i was punching brick walls,kicking shit everywhere.

well i questioned everything? but found very few answers.

my girlfriend is noid this whole time because i am running up and down the street pretty much nude screaming, ranting and raving.

oh yeah one weird thing i did feel was that i had a lot in common with that mushy i ate. i was one with nature i liked vines leaves grass. i kinda felt like that mushy.

thanks a lot shroomery. i geuss?

thanks for reading my report and beware!

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