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whoa!!! too much

hey im back!

hey im back!!! i know i know the other report i sent in was not at all compareable to this my last report was "trippin at the mixer" it was nothing copared to this. Ok it started off like this i have grown my own using the pf tek method and it yeilded about 2 ounces i only hav triped alone in my room about 4 times, all the other time i would rate at about a level 2, but this was at least a level 5!!i ate about a little less than a quarter i think i really dont remember i chased them down with a tall glass of oj, and waited i turned on Comedy Central and a movie was on ,it was about 130 am when i dosed, then it hit me very slowly then it just hit me like a sac of bricks it felt like my bunk beds were chewing me up, i have a poster of eric clapton and he was singing and playing his guitar,but i couldnt here him because the humming in my ears was sooooooo loud it was like a power saw in my ear. Nothing made sense the world had no meaning to it i was saying things to myself that had meaning before and now but didnt then i had left my body and visited heaven and hell i had seen my dead grandmom, but i couldnt speak, i had experienced every emotion, sadness, happiness, pain, joy, comfort and discomfort i was crying but no tears were running down my face, i kept saying to myself "what the fuck is this??, nothing makes sense." i thought that it would never end i thought i would stay like that forever. I was screaming also at about 3 am i am surprised i didnt wake my parents, that would have been a nightmare!!!! all in all it only lasted about 4.5 hours but it was soooo intense and i couldnt believe the next morning, what had happened. i thought it may have been a dream but it was reality at its greatest!!!

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