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Is That Your Face?

My cousin was the one that introduced me to shrooms.

My cousin was the one that introduced me to shrooms. He sold me and 8th. I had previously done a lot of research from shroomery.org, and I was ready to try them. So on Saturday, my good friend Craig and I decided to split them. We were on the way to the mall, when my friend Andrew in the back seat said I should start eating them. He told me they wouldn’t affect me until long after we got to the mall. So I started eating them while driving. We got to the mall and I was kind of scared and anxious at the same time. I couldn’t wait for the trip to come in. I wanted it to be a cool journey.
We were walking around, and I started to think they weren’t working. I had only eaten a 16th, so I didn’t think it was enough. I started feeling really good. Then I was looking at this old man sitting on a bench, and his face caught my eye. Something looked so wrong about his face. I couldn’t figure it out. His eyes looked bigger or something unusual.
Then I looked around and realized it wasn’t just the old man that looked weird. Everyone’s faces looked funny. I would catch myself staring at random people. Andrew and I were walking past these paintings, when I realized how colorful and beautiful they were. They were in 3D. “Paintings can’t be in 3D,” Andrew told me. I didn’t believe him. I had to feel them to actually convince myself.
It was really weird. I had expected the feeling to be stronger, probably from reading level 5 reports. But the feelings I was having were so amazing. Later we went to this park by my friend Shane’s house. (One piece of ADVISE, when eating shrooms for a journey, don’t have a lot of sober people around watching you for their own scientific study. For being around sober people keeps you linked with reality, and ruins your trip).
The park was the most amazing part of my trip. These little kids ran through the park, and I was amazed. The sun was bright, and the kids looked as if they were little angels with florescent silhouettes. I have never felt in such a peaceful state of mind. The whole world was linked together in harmony. The woodchips of the park waved with ripples like a pond in a graceful rhythm. I went to take a piss behind some bushes, and the leaves jumped out at me with the richest colors of green. The light emanated around the stems in radiant beams. I have never been in such bliss.
It felt like i was in a magical forest. I listened to the little kids laugh. It’s hard to explain in words, but I felt as if through time, no matter what age we are, we are all connected in a web of life. We are all children deep down inside. Their state of mind is where we all yearn to be. The older we get, the more we long to view the world with such bright eyes.
Well, as for the dark part of my trip. My friends were hanging around, being the usual bad boy slums they are. I was swinging on the swings and my friend Peter was playing with a knife. Then it occurred to me. “We’re kids in the park on drugs with knives.” I repeated that phrase in my head over and over. “We’re kids in the park on drugs with knives.” It frightened me. I could see myself as a little kid once again, when I once feared the exact type of kid who I have inevitably become. I have become the epitome of what I once feared.
Anyhow, the trip was amazing. I am naturally a deep thinker. All my friends know me for my deep thoughts and insights on the meaning of life. However, shrooms took me on a thought path that I may have never taken otherwise. I say if you want to do shrooms, do it for the journey. Don’t do shrooms for your weekend bashes, that’s what alcohol and weed are for.
The one thing I learned is that it doesn’t matter what we do in life. We all exist to live in harmony, and that’s what matters the most. The sad thing is that substance use is just the matured mind’s way of returning to where it once was, at youth, the place where everything was once “still alive.”

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